The Sun Could Unleash a Massive ‘Superflare’ in The Next 100 Years, Scientists Warn

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It was the year 2000 and scientists had never seen anything like it: astronomers reported evidence of “superflares” on distant stars ‘ solar outbursts many thousands of times more energetic than typical solar flares.

In a new analysis of superflare events observed by the Kepler space telescope, the researchers report that superflares can indeed be produced by Sun-like stars, albeit much less frequently than by younger, more magnetically active stars.

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Scientists Say Earth Could Be Due For A Solar ‘Superflare’

Younger, more rapidly-rotating stars tend to flare more often and are capable of more intensity. Our sun is older and less active, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally lost its juice, according to Yuta Notsu, a visiting researcher at CU Boulder.

Notsu and colleagues used Kepler Space Telescope data to check for evidence of superflares on other stars like our sun.

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‘Our study shows that superflares are rare events,’ said Notsu. ‘But there is some possibility that we could experience such an event in the next 100 years or so.’

If such a powerful flare were to bombard Earth right now, it could do serious damage to our communications and energy networks, beginning with satellites in orbit down to the hard-wired information and electrical systems on the ground.

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Powerful superflares could pose a threat to Earth

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Philadelphia Eagles QB coach Press Taylor said Monday he thinks one of the next big NFL developments could be the implementation of multiple quarterbacks on the field at the same time.

Those developments often are met in the NFL at first with suspicion. But if they work for a few teams, they’re then followed by mimicry. Often by more than one team, hoping to catch the wave.

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Rare Superflares Could Threaten Earth

Astronomers probing the edges of the Milky Way have in recent years observed some of the most brilliant pyrotechnic displays in the galaxy: superflares.

These events occur when stars, for reasons that scientists still don’t understand, eject huge bursts of energy that can be seen from hundreds of light years away. Until recently, researchers assumed that such explosions occurred mostly on stars that, unlike Earth’s, were young and active.

Now, new research shows with more confidence than ever before that superflares can occur on older, quieter stars like our own–albeit more rarely, or about once every few thousand years.

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