The story behind odd phenomenon of ‘ghost apples’

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Andrew Sietsema shot photos of the hollow ice apples in the Fruit Ridge area of Kent County, posted them on Facebook, and explained to WOOD TV and CNN just how they were created.

A freezing rain coated the rotting apples, creating a solid icy shell around them. As he pruned the trees, the trees shook, causing some applies to fall off. But those that remained on the tree had the mush slip out the bottom, leaving a ghost apple.

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‘Ghost apples’ appear at Michigan orchard following icy weather

(FOX NEWS) — Freezing rain this week caused an icy spectacle to form at an orchid near Sparta, Michigan: so-called ‘ghost apples.’

Local resident Andrew Sietsema first spotted the odd phenomenon while pruning apple trees in the Fruit Ridge area of Kent County. He later took to Facebook with photos of the glass-looking orbs, dubbing the icy creation ‘ghost apples.’

Freezing rain coated the rotting apples, which were a variety known as Jonagold. Later, when Sietsema began to prune the trees, ‘mush’ fell out the bottom of the icy shells, leaving only the encasements behind, he told Fox News on Friday.

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Avengers: Endgame to Toy Story 4: the biggest Super Bowl trailers

Just as you were about to scream into the sky, asking the heavens just why the Fast and Furious franchise hasn’t turned into an extended cinematic universe, your prayers have been answered. Given the phenomenal success of the underdog motoring saga and The Rock’s continuing ascent, this was an inevitable step and for the first self-referential spin-off he’s joined by Jason Statham’s character for a Mission: Impossible-esque caper (even Fallout’s Vanessa Kirby is joining them). They’re pitted against Idris Elba’s superhuman bad guy as well as a ton of atrocious dialogue (‘I’m what you’d call an ice cold can of whoop-ass’) but predictably, it all looks rather fun.

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North Korea’s Nukes and the ‘Forgotten War’

(Bloomberg Opinion) — How many Americans today would have any idea what you were talking about if you mentioned the 38th parallel? How many would stare blankly if you mentioned Syngman Rhee?’How many would be able to tell you what this photo depicts?’

Tobin Harshaw: Starting with your second book, ‘Ghost Soldiers,’ you have written about war, the Western frontier, political assassination and polar exploration. Why go back to war now? Was the current state of affairs with North Korea an impetus?

Hampton Sides: It did seem to me, with all the recent developments in our relations with China and North Korea, that this was an auspicious time to tell this story. I wanted to go back and try to understand the deeper roots of what got us to where we are now. To an eerie extent, not much has changed since the Korean War.

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