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The Story Behind Odd Phenomenon Of Ghost Apples

Greetings Earthlings: We are out of our element The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . It should be alright to step abroad. It is safe.

Some hidden links were discovered.

Whispered History: The story behind San Francisco’s Broderick-Terry Duel Landmark Park
(Apr 2019) Tucked behind an unremarkable parking lot, the odd little Broderick-Terry Duel Landmark Park is flanked by an eclectic mix of suburban one-stories, a private golf course and a housing complex that

Behind the story: Getting that photo of ‘Santa James’
(Apr 2019) I first focused my attention on the community that rushed to embrace this odd and charming man in red who went from . ho,” Santa James regaled his subjects with a story of his time as a Hollywood

The Psychic Who Made Bank off the Satanic Panic
on 22nd of Apr 2019 Hollywood was never far behind. The purported haunting of a house in the . and they enter a herd of pigs who flee to the water and die. It’s an odd start to a news story, but not nearly so nutty as

High school journalists were barred from a Betsy DeVos event. So they took her to task in an editorial.
on 22nd of Apr 2019 The high schoolers — writers and editors for their school paper, the PLD Lamplighter — believed they were following the advice offered by DeVos last fall when she counseled, “It is easy to be nasty

The Inexplicable San Jose Sharks
(Apr 2019) will the Sharks stop allowing odd-man rushes and quick strike opportunities to the Golden Knights? Will they take the puck behind the net on offense where they create good chances and draw penalties?

"Game of Thrones" recap: What we want on the last night in the world
on 22nd of Apr 2019 Dany was raised on the story of how he earned the moniker “kingslayer” by stabbing . Like Gendry, a good portion of the audience may find it odd to watch Williams, who began the series as a child

The Jewish Trumpeter Who Entertained Nazis to Survive the Holocaust
on 22nd of Apr 2019 In 1961, sixteen years after Eric Vogel leaped from a transport train headed toward the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, he recounted his escape for Downbeat, an American jazz magazine: “This is a

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