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The Science Of Elections

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Trump’s not sure about believing climate science. The Saudis and Putin get the benefit of the doubt.
on 14th of Oct 2018 President Donald Trump likes to keep an open mind when it comes to a number of matters — sexual misconduct allegations, Vladimir Putin’s election meddling denials, the Saudi government’s insistence it

Ahead of US election, angst over hacking threats
(Oct 2018) More paper needed A National Academy of Science report in September recommended that every effort should be made to use paper ballots in the 2018 election and that by 2020 “human readable” ballots

Republican Official Caught Purging Tens of Thousands of Black Voters from His Own Election for Governor
(Oct 2018) In any event, whatever Kemp’s motivations, it is problematic for a state elections secretary to be aggressively pruning . Matthew Chapman is a video game designer, science fiction author, and politi

The Fight Over Voting Rights Ahead Of Midterms
(Oct 2018) and a political-science professor connected him with Ney, who was about to run in the Republican primary for an open seat in Congress. When Ney won his congressional election in 1994, the year

The State of the Midterms (and the Country)
Oct 15th, 2018 02:57 UTC With three weeks to go until Election Day, we look at the state of the 2018 midterms. Recent polls show that white women with a college degree favor Democratic candidates, while many white college-edu

National Editor Of The Cook Political Report Amy Walter Says After This Election We Will End With “An Incredibly Polarized America”
(Oct 2018) (2:32) On Democrats looking to independents and enthusiasm for advantage: Not only do we fight the last war but what we tend to do is also look at the last election that reminds us of this election.

Calling on a “Coalition of Normals”: Let’s reform the presidency to prevent another Trump
Oct 15th, 2018 06:00 UTC At the risk of being categorically labeled by my friends on the left as a traitor to the liberal cause, forming an alliance with “NeverTrump” conservatives is now, in a word, mandatory. The other day,

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