The One Show Alex Jones TV. Maya Rudolph shares how she’s coping with quarantining during COVID-19 and talks about her

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[ The One Show’s Alex Jones apologises after touching her face on live TV due to wardrobe malfunction ]

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Date: 2020-04-28 06:43:00
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Coronavirus: Can you avoid Coronavirus? Channel 4 show explores COVID

This is a question everyone has been asking as the fear around coronavirus continues to escalate, especially following the UK lockdown.

The question is a difficult one to answer as scientists are still looking into how the virus is spread and how easily it is contracted.

Some people may be carrying the virus without experiencing or showing any symptoms of it, which makes it difficult to determine who has the virus.

Although it it not certain whether you can avoid the virus altogether, there are plenty of ways to reduce risk.

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Households should now all be familiar with the Government and NHS guidance on how to avoid spreading the virus.

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Maryland State Superintendent Karen Salmon announced in a State Board of Education meeting that the state is officially canceling any athletic events for the remainder of the school year.

Some Maryland voters still take to polls in mostly mail-in election to decide successor to late U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings

In a pandemic, an unusual election will decide who fills the Baltimore-area congressional seat of the late Elijah Cummings.

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Tina O’Brien risks wardrobe malfunction during braless handstand in ‘drunk’ stunt

The Coronation Street star ditched her bra for the amateur gymnastics stunt – which almost caused her a wardrobe malfunction as she flipped upside down

The soap star said she was getting “drunk” during her active night in, donned pyjama bottoms and a blue jumper with nothing on underneath.

During her daring stunt the actress’ – who plays Sarah Platt in the hit soap – flipped upside down, but seemed to not consider her jumper sliding sideways.

* * *

Tina poked fun at the situation online, writing: “Saturday night… Drunk ‘ PJs ‘ Online headstand competitions ‘ No bra ‘.”

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