The Dream Continuum – From An Entirely Different Kind of Universe

Space and time may account for the whereabouts of all matter in the known universe and perhaps the multiverse.  

There is also the Dream-Verse and its related Dream Continuum reality, a theory that was proposed by the Army of the Alien Monkeys.  It is the place where dreams come from and notably it is unaffected by both space and time.

It is called the Dream Continuum since all things in a dream that appears next to each other, either in space or a closeness of time do not seem to vary much and then by a continued shift in perception results in something significantly different to that of its origin.

There are other entities and factors that may cause a variation in the dream continuum that can be described as occurring outside of space and time and does not comply with general relativity.

The dream continuum provides an explanation for why sometimes a person may dream just for a moment, then to discover that hours have elapsed.  Yet on another occasion while dreaming, the person tiredly moves from one story to the next, experiences different places and times in linear and sometimes a non-linear manner and eventually wake to see relatively little time has gone by.

Another scenario the Dream-Verse theory covers is that of a dream in a dream. The dream-verses also can exist as a dream-multiverse.  (Coincidence?) You can move between two dream-verses and this has the effects of waking to find yourself still dreaming.  

Scientist have been studying dreams for some time now trying to understand what they mean and why we have them.  With the proposed theory of the Dream-Verse and Dream Continuum as being the source of dreams, we can now build a comprehensive model which could indeed finally be a dream come true.

Thank you Army of Alien Monkeys..  We are indebted to you for imparting your knowledge and for your timely invasion of our pretty blue planet.

Greetings Earthlings: Servers on reboot. The data presented above may one day be zapped to another dimension. Just thought you should be aware. Guess what. I dropped it.