The Case for Rewatching, Rereading, and Repeating Experiences

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A common, low-stakes living-room scenario: A couple is trying to decide on a movie to watch. There’s an option one half of the relationship is thrilled about, but the other has already seen it. On those grounds, it’s ruled out.

In one experiment, O’Brien and his research team approached people near an exhibit on genetics at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, asking them to rate how much they enjoyed the exhibit and how much they think they’d enjoy perusing it again. While the subjects tended to predict that the exhibit would be less fun the second time around, the ones who did another walkthrough at the researchers’ request rated it roughly as enjoyable as the first. In other words, the museumgoers, as a group, underestimated how much they would like doing the same thing twice.

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This may worth something:

Science Says Rewatching Your Favorite TV Series Is Good for Your Soul

So often, we’ll take the latter. But why is that? There’s actually a psychological’reason’why we love returning to our old favorite shows and films again, and again, and again. As explained in a 2012 study’from the University of Chicago Press published in the’Journal of Consumer Research, the act of “reconsumption” like rereading a favorite book or sitting in your go-to booth at a local diner’can bring humans great pleasure.

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Sometimes, to better know who we are, or feel more connected to our inner selves, we are compelled to return to’the shows‘that shaped us.’In many cases, returning to a well-known’crew of characters or bar where everybody knows your name can bring on warm feelings of attachment, much in the way we have a fondness for a certain roadside diner’we visited often as kids. Interestingly, as we grow and evolve, the same shows we watched in our younger years can take on different meaning or we interpret them with new perspective.

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