The Bachelor ‘s Matt James and Tyler Cameron Get Brazilian Bikini Waxes in Spa Day Vlog

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Ahead of James’ second week of his tenure on The Bachelor, Cameron, 27, posted a YouTube video of the two getting Brazilian bikini waxes before James left for the show.

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Last week, Cameron posted a video of the two having a spa day with a few friends. In the video, he says he wants James to understand what some of the women on his season might have gone through leading up to filming.

“So Matt can have a real appreciation for these girls when they come out of the limo,” Cameron says in the video, before drawing numbers to determine what order they’d undergo a Brazilian wax and, of course, Cameron and James were up first.

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In case you are keeping track:

The Bachelor’s Matt James and Tyler Cameron Get Brazilian Bikini Waxes in Spa Day Vlog

Matt James and Tyler Cameron found out the truth behind the saying “beauty is pain” ‘ the hard way.

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Cameron said he was aiming for the maximum amount of pain possible, requesting white strips in addition to the gel wax that is typically used for bikini waxes.

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Sam Frost’s Bachelorette boys hang out as Sam Wood’s Bachelor girls argue

Sam Wood might have little control over his clashing Bachelor girls, but Sam Frost’s Bachelorette boys are getting on like a house on fire.

Plumber Dave Billsborrow, 29, and tradie Dave Lloyd, 25, headed out for a few ‘cheeky’ drinks on Tuesday night in Sydney’s northern suburb of Manly.

It’s not long after the handsome duo finished up shooting the very first Bachelorette Australia with leading lady, Sam.

‘My brother from another mother’:’Plumber Dave Billsborrow and tradie Dave Lloyd, who will star on the upcoming Bachelorette Australia with Sam Frost, ‘headed out for a few ‘drinks on Tuesday in Sydney’s Manly

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