The 5 Best Science Fiction Movies Of 2018

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I tend to lean toward dark and dreary sci-fi, but sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back and soak in an adventure, to fixate on the positive implications of technology without stressing about the dystopian elements.

Here, Steven Spielberg appears to reflect on the legacy of his own art, incorporating many of the icons he created into his visually spectacular mishmash of outdated pop culture references. While the film doesn’t have anything particularly clever to say about obsessive fandom or gaming culture, it’s extremely entertaining from start-to-finish.

Indeed, there’s something charmingly old-fashioned, something simple about this vision of the future, in which obsessive fanboys are super-nice to one another, and one can find meaning by immersing oneself into a vast, virtual arena.

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Book World: The 5 best science fiction and fantasy novels of 2018

‘Alien Virus Love Disaster,’ by Abbey Mei Otis (Small Beer) Otis, an exciting voice in contemporary science fiction, penned this short-story collection about those typically left behind in sweeping adventures ‘ the children, discarded robots, school dropouts and blue-collar workers with the misfortune of being near something toxic. A standout story is ‘Moonkids,’ about young humans from the moon who find themselves living and working in a beach town on Earth after being expelled from lunar society. Like many of Otis’s stories, it’s dreamy but with an intense physicality.

‘Blackfish City,’ by Sam J. Miller (Ecco) Set in an island city in the Arctic that was built after society collapsed because of environmental disasters and war, the novel follows a battle to take over humanity’s last refuge. Miller’s urgent tale about the ties between technology, race, gender and class privilege is also surprisingly heartwarming. Ultimately, this is a book about power structures and the way that privilege is built on the backs of the disenfranchised ‘ wrapped in an action-packed science-fiction thriller.

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The Five Best Danny Boyle Movies

While not quite as prolific as a Spielberg or an Eastwood, Danny Boyle is one of the greatest directors in Hollywood. ‘Not only can he make awards darlings and near-masterpieces across every genre, he masterfully branches out from movies to other mediums. ‘Recently, he directed a London production of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch. ‘Also, he created the 2012 opening ceremonies for the London Summer Olympics.

Boyle is a cinematic auteur. ‘The man seems to direct a different genre of film every time he attempts a film. ‘He has done horror, sci-fi, drama, thriller, kid-friendly fantasy, and even biopics. ‘This versatility really says a lot about his prowess as a director. Here are the 5 best films of Danny Boyle’s career.

Blu-ray and 4K UHD gift ideas for movie fans

Here’s a selection of top gift ideas for the Blu-ray and 4K UHD-loving, cinema connoisseurs in the family.

2001: A Space Odyssey (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, rated G, 149 minutes, 2.20:1 aspect ratio, $41.99) ‘ The evolution of man, the future of space travel and a disobedient computer named Hal set the stage for the late Stanley Kubrick’s 1969 meticulous science fiction masterpiece now restored in the ultra-high definition (UHD) format.

* * *

The painstaking restoration process offers the correct picture aspect ratio with footage scanned directly from the 65mm original negative and delivers incredibly crisp and saturated moments.

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