Tammy Hembrow Gets Pulses Racing In Skin-Tight Latex Outfit While Shaking Her Famed Booty In Video Clip

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Instagram model Tammy Hembrow took to the popular social media site on Monday to get her 9.6 million followers’ pulses racing in a raunchy video clip of herself dancing and shaking her booty alongside a friend.

In the video clip, the fitness buff is dressed in a red latex, two-piece outfit that leaves little of her flawless curves to the imagination. Tammy Hembrow sets pulses racing in a G-string bikini ... www.dailymail.co.uk /tvshowbiz/article-7223605/ Tammy - Hembrow .html Tammy Hembrow , 25, (pictured) set pulses racing when she posed in a high-cut bikini on Instagram The Gold Coast Instagram star flaunted her washboard abs and her famously pert derriere in the ... The tight crop top shows off her busty cleavage while revealing her gym-toned abdomen and the pants include a separated waistband that shows off a glimpse of her hips. As the 25-year-old dances to the music, she shakes her famed booty, barely contained by the tight pants while grinding and twerking against her friend.

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