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Taissa Farmiga Confirms That She Is Playing Both Violet And Zoe In American Horror Story Apocalypse

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Taissa Farmiga on ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ & ‘The Twilight Zone’
(May 2019) From director Stacie Passon and adapted from the book of the same name by Shirley Jackson, the indie drama We Have Always Lived in the Castle tells the story of two sisters, Merricat

‘The Twilight Zone’ "Not All Men" Episode Is All About Choice, Says Star Taissa Farmiga
(May 2019) Spoilers ahead for the “Not All Men” episode of The Twilight Zone. Jordan Peele is known for how he uses surreal concepts to explore pressing social issue, and this week’s episode of The Twilight Zone

Taissa Farmiga Loves To Act In Heavy Dramas, But Has Trouble Watching Them
(May 2019) Taissa Farmiga, known for her roles in “American Horror Story,” chats about the dramatic and dark projects she’s been a part of and why she prefers to act in dramas, but watches comedies at home. AOL

Crispin Glover on ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’, ‘American Gods’, and Working with David Lynch
(May 2019) Merricat (Taissa Farmiga) and Constance (Alexandra Daddario), who have isolated themselves after a family tragedy, in their large manor with their Uncle Julian (Crispin Glover). When Cousin

We Have Always Lived in the Castle Beautifully Examines Love and Isolation
(May 2019) Starring Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario, Sebastian Stan, and Crispin Glover — stars you’ve come to love on television and in film. We Have Always Lived in the Castle follows the story of Mary

Home viewing this week: ‘Catch-22,’ ‘What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali,’ ‘Still Laugh-In,’ ‘To Catch a Thief’
(May 2019) The gothic horror “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” (2019, not rated), based on the Shirley Jackson novel and starring Taissa Farmiga and Crispin Glover, is available on Cable on Demand and Video

We Have Always Lived in the Castle does Shirley Jackson’s gothic mystery justice
(May 2019) Their days are ruled by ritual: Constance (Alexandra Daddario) cooks and cans; Uncle Julian (Crispin Glover) obsessively writes a memoir of the poisoning that left him wheelchair-bound; and every

‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle’ Is A Dark Fairy Tale About Female Repression, According To Star Taissa Farmiga
(May 2019) If you’re a fan of the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House — a chilling show about one group of siblings’ mysteriously haunted childhood in a mansion on a hill — you know that author Shirley

Taissa Farmiga & Crispin Glover On Their Movie, "We Have Always Lived in the Castle"
(May 2019) In the film, “We Have Always Lived in the Castle,” Merricat (Taissa Farmiga) lives with her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian (Crispin Glover). The trio are survivors of an arsenic poisoning that

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