Suspect surfaces in the mysterious case of the underwater research station that vanished

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Divers in the Baltic Sea remain on the hunt for an unusual sunken treasure: an 800-kilogram, ‘300,000 underwater scientific observatory that went missing several weeks ago. The internet has been flooded with speculative explanations’scrap metal thieves or a Russian sub, perhaps’but a few clues have surfaced to suggest a more prosaic culprit: a boat, possibly fishing illegally, somehow hooked the facility and dragged it away.

On the morning of 21 August, a Wednesday, researchers in Kiel, Germany, noticed something strange. We did not find results for: suspect surfaces in the mysterious case. Check spelling or type a new query. At 8:15 a.m., data transmissions from an underwater research observatory in the Baltic Sea suddenly stopped. At first the scientists thought there might be a temporary problem with the data connection. But when divers went down 1 week later to investigate, the explanation was much worse: The observatory itself had vanished. All that was left was a frayed cable that had connected the station to land.

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Clues dug up on second RAF Cosford runway map

We’ve landed some big clues in our quest for an explanation of the mysterious “second runway” at RAF Cosford marked on a 1950s plan.

Wolverhampton aviation historian Stephen King sought our help in getting to the bottom of the puzzle after coming across what appears to be a temporary runway ‘ about double the length of the existing runway ‘ cutting across the airfield in an old layout.

And now Pat Dyer, a retired Flight Lieutenant who was the senior air traffic control officer at RAF Cosford from around 1984 to 1987, thinks he has a potential answer.

“While I was there we found that the airfield surface was quite bumpy for gliders to land on. So they dug all the surface up and flattened it,” says Pat, from Shrewsbury.

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Russia Has a Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile. Yes, You Read That Right.

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