Striking Down the Queen Won’t Save You From the Swarm

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If you’ve watched any science fiction or fantasy movies in the last few decades, you’ve probably seen the following scenario play out enough times that the next paragraph shouldn’t count as a spoiler.

An endless horde overwhelms our heroes. Defeat looks inevitable. But wait! There’s a central ‘hive queen’ pulling the puppet strings, and if the good guys can just disable that boss, the evil army will collapse.

For up-to-date ‘Game of Thrones’ viewers, this might sound familiar. Similar story lines play out with the ‘brain bugs’ in ‘Starship Troopers’ or the ‘Mind Flayer’ in ‘Stranger Things.’ For writers, it’s an easy way to flip the bleakest moment of a story into a happy one.

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If you want to sneak into King’s Landing, you turn to Davos. But if you want to sneak around King’s Landing you turn to Varys. He knows the secret passageways around the city better than anyone. If Daenerys plans to keep Drogon away but still burn the city, she’ll ask the Spider about the hidden wildfire.

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How Game of Thrones Delivered an Unexpected Twist on the Popular Valonqar Theory

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Game of Thrones may not adhere to all of the usual fantasy storytelling tropes, but this series does love its prophecies. From the Azor Ahai to Melisandre’s final warning to Arya, prophecies are Game of Thrones’ bread and butter — even if those prophecies generally don’t work out as planned.’That was very much the case with one of the (book) series’ most notable prophecies, the’Valonqar, which involves a young Cersei Lannister being told how she would die.

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Party allegiances now becoming ‘irrelevant’ compared to views on Brexit, says Farage ‘ as it happened

Martina Anderson [the Sinn Fein candidate] is the strongest advocate of the pro-remain position, I think it’s important that a pro-remain candidate tops the poll, but I also think it’s very important that, in the round, the pro-remain argument wins the day.

So I would say to everybody, whether they come from unionism or from nationalism, or they are somewhere in between, think long and think hard, and be sure in this European election that we send the right, the accurate and the progressive signal to Brussels, to London, and beyond, that people here are united in a desire for progress to protect our peace process, our peace agreements, to protect our economy, our livelihoods, our agriculture, that’s what a vote for a pro-remain candidate amounts to.

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