Strangers help single mom pay for NASA internship

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(CNN) – Landing an internship at NASA has been a dream come true for India Jackson, who balances her time between raising a preteen daughter and using advanced math to predict solar flares and radiation belts.

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“I’m kind of like a space weather girl,” she said. “I will be using my mathematical background in order to try to predict solar flares and radiation belts.”

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It’s a paid internship, but moving is expensive. Jackson said she’d have to fly with her daughter, Jewel Henry, to Texas, find a place to live, rent a car and keep paying her bills at home, so she’ll have a place to live after the internship.

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A single mom needed to pay for a NASA internship. Hundreds of strangers chipped in to help her

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Strangers help single mom pay for NASA internship

More than 250 people donated $8,500 so India Jackson, left, seen with her daughter Jewel Henry, could accept a NASA internship.

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Single mom’s chance to attend NASA internship made possible by strangers who raised $8K

The Atlanta woman posted on‘Facebook on May 7’that she had been awarded a NASA internship! She wrote that she’s a single parent who has worked hard to to make this dream as a graduate student become a reality.’

But even with the great news, there was a little bit of discouragement – the cost it would take to get to Houston, Texas to complete the 10-week program at the Johnson Space Center.’

“I have to pay for housing and travel upfront and it’s gonna be a struggle and I was feeling down about it but I had a talk with my cuzzo Dasha Fuller and she assured me that we will find a way to try and make it happen,” her Facebook post reads.

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Generous Donors Raised Thousands For This Single Mom And Ph.D. Student To Do A NASA Internship

Ph.D. student India Jackson is one step closer to her dreams thanks to the generosity and kindness of strangers.’

Jackson was accepted into a prestigious summer internship at NASA. However, she could only think about how she could afford to live in Houston during the 10-week program at the Johnson Space Center.’

‘I have to pay for rent in two places now, I have to rent a car, I have food, I have my child. What am I going to do?’ she told The Atlanta Journal-Consitution.

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