Storm Area 51 creator fears ‘humanitarian disaster,’ pulls out of own music festival

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‘Storm Area 51’ creator cancels event over fears of ‘humanitarian disaster’

‘Storm Area 51’ creator cancels event over fears of ‘humanitarian disaster’ originally appeared on

The extraterrestrial-aficionado festival that promised to take Area 51 by storm has been cancelled by its own creators, but attendees still seem keen on going to “see them aliens.”

Matty Roberts, the organizer of ‘AlienStock,’ said he feared a ‘possible humanitarian disaster in the works,’ noting he didn’t want to have a FyreFest 2.0 on their hands.

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‘Storm Area 51’ creator cancels alien

Matty Roberts officially severed ties Monday with “Alienstock,” which had been scheduled at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nev. on Sept. 20-22. The event received final approval from the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners last week to let perhaps 10,000 camp out on the property in Rachel, the town closest to the top-secret Area 51 military base.

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‘Storm Area 51’ creator pulls out of his own event, calling it Fyre Festival 2.0

When the college student behind the online sensation ‘Storm Area 51’ announced plans for an alien festival out in the Nevada desert, organizers tried to fend off worries that thousands of people would overwhelm the resources of a tiny town without a store or gas station.

But that was before a public falling-out between organizers made the weird story of the Area 51 craze even weirder, months after the meteoric rise of a joke Facebook event that got more than 2 million to say they’d raid a secretive Air Force base for rumored extraterrestrials. 4:27Storm Area 51 creator Matty Roberts joins downtown Las Vegas event after leaving Alien StockYouTube Dueling accusations of dishonesty and sabotage have derailed ‘Alienstock’ ‘ a Woodstock for alien watchers ‘ which creator Matty Roberts promoted as alternative programming to any plans to storm the base on Sept. 20 despite officials’ warnings.

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