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Stan Lee Jk Rowling Inducted To Science Fiction Fantasy Hall Of Fame 2

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Stan Lee just suggested a Marvel/Harry Potter cross-over to JK Rowling on Twitter and we’re here for it
(months ago)   Radio TimesStan Lee Suggests a Marvel-‘Harry Potter’ Crossover to J.K. Rowling  AnglopheniaStan Lee Wants a Marvel and Harry Potter Team-Up  Comicbook.comHey JK Rowling, Stan Lee is ready to loan Dr Strange and X-Men as Hogwarts teachers. You in?  T2 OnlineStan Lee Wants To See A Marvel-Harry Potter Crossover  We Got This CoveredView full coverage on Google News

STAN LEE, JK ROWLING Inducted to Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame
(months ago)   Newsarama

Press Release. The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) announced new inductees into its Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Inductees include author J.K. .

Stan Lee’s movie about this superhero was rejected
(months ago)   Alternative Press

Stan Lee had an idea for a movie about one specific superhero, but it was rejected—and the reason why will likely make you laugh out loud.

Ralph Fiennes Reveals Why He Almost Turned Down ‘Harry Potter’ Role
(many weeks now)   Anglophenia

Ralph Fiennes has a string of classic films to his name, from Schindler’s List to The English Patient, via The Grand Budapest Hotel and .

DC Comics’ Tribute to Stan Lee in Today’s Comics
(since Jan, 2019)   Bleeding Cool News

Stan Lee may have been the great figurehead of across the divide to DC Comics, referring to them as the Distinguished Competition. But, after he stopped.

Alt-Right Author Shredded For Controversial Stan Lee MCU Comments
(many weeks now)   Heroic Hollywood

Fans responded to Jack Posobiec’s controversial comments about Stan Lee and the MCU by skewering the alt-right author on social media.

Kevin Feige on X-Men, Stan Lee and the Future of Marvel
(months ago)   The Mary Sue

2018 marks the tenth year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an ambitious pop culture experiment that has largely been helmed by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige.

Batman Writer Tom King Takes on Bill Maher Over Stan Lee and Donald Trump
(months ago)   Bleeding Cool News

American political commentator and comedian Bill Maher blames the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States on superhero.

Nine Inch Nails and ‘Captain Marvel’ collab on limited edition t-shirt
(many weeks now)   Alternative Press

Everyone is celebrating the theatrical release of Captain Marvel, including Nine Inch Nails apparently. The band has released limited edition t-shirt.

Stan Lee Doesn’t Have A ‘Dark Phoenix’ Cameo
(since Apr, 2019)   Science Fiction

Sorry True Believers, it looks like ‘Dark Phoenix’ will not include one of the final Stan Lee cameos in the film. While there will be a tribute to the iconic creator, .

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