Springville boys golf: Chilly end to strange weather season

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Golfers on the west coast will be hitting the greens during the May 24 weekend

Golf courses managed to escape any serious damage from a harsh winter that saw a series of storms batter the region with heavy amounts of rain or snow depending on the day of the week.

Lush and green were the words he described the course, and he said there were a couple of holes that traditionally have water build-up on them starting off the season but workers at Harmon were able to get them drained pretty swiftly.

“There’s not a lot of pooling water like we’ve seen sometimes in the past,” Hulan said.

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Outside crews at the Humber River Golf Course have been busy preparing the course for opening day on Saturday with any repairs that had to be made already completed so the only thing standing in the way of golfers hitting the fairways is Mother Nature.

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