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Spotting Fires From The Earth Air And Space

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Space tourism is coming, and it’s going to wreak havoc on Earth’s atmosphere
on 22nd of Jul 2019 but experts say that allowing a few rich tourists to blast off into space could cause long-term damage to the Earth. At a time when the planet may be teetering on the brink of a devastating

The roar, the fire, the majesty: Knoxvillians recall Apollo 11 liftoff
(Jul 2019) Editor’s Note: 10News will air a special celebrating . stands on launch day at Kennedy Space Center. It was by chance that Horde, now in his early 90s, got to mingle among the rich and famous in the

Experience America’s race to the moon through travel
(Jul 2019) The timeline was set, and the space program accepted the challenge. However, six years later, despite all the progress being made on achieving Kennedy’s goal, Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee

Houston woman remembers watching Apollo 11 launch from beach in Florida
(Jul 2019) And over the next 12 years, the U.S. and the Soviets battled for top spot in the cosmos.America started with the Mercury Project, aimed at putting men into Earth’s orbit. Then came Gemini, which

50 Years After Apollo 11, Here’s What (And How) Astronauts Are Eating
on 22nd of Jul 2019 When Kloeris joined NASA’s food program in the 1980s, food teams sent bread into space — but it wasn’t ideal. Bread tends to crumble, and in microgravity, crumbs fly everywhere, contaminating the

My time tracking Apollo 11 from a tiny island in the middle of the sea
(Jul 2019) As Apollo 11 sped to the moon, the Earth turned behind it . Ascension Island. The Air Force provided my first electronics school in Biloxi, Miss., and by 1966 I was servicing Honeywell computers

From miniature satellites to giant sun shields – the extreme technology transforming space engineering
(since Jun, 2019) Since the days of these heroic endeavours, space engineering has matured into a series of interconnected technologies that deliver exciting new space science missions, a fire hose of Earth

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