Sports Illustrated Publisher Maven Media Hires Rob Barrett as President (EXCLUSIVE)

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Maven Media, which runs the publishing businesses of Sports Illustrated and TheStreet, has tapped digital-media veteran Rob Barrett as president of media.

Barrett reports to Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn. All of the company’s media brands, including SI and TheStreet, and editorial teams report to Barrett, who will remain based in the New York area. He started at Maven Media on Feb. 16.

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Date: 2021-02-23 06:05:32
Author: Todd Spangler
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Sports Illustrated Publisher Maven Media Hires Rob Barrett as President (EXCLUSIVE)

In 2019, Authentic Brands Group purchased Sports Illustrated from Meredith for $110 million (after Meredith bought Time Inc.). ABG then licensed media and publishing rights for the SI brand to Maven. Also in 2019, Maven bought TheStreet for $16.5 million in cash.

Sports Illustrated has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs after the change in ownership, including a 25% reduction in staff shortly after Maven closed its deal with ABG. COVID-19 inflicted a further hit on Maven’s business, leading to additional cutbacks. (Maven declined to disclose current headcount figures for the company or its brands.)

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Thick as a brick wall

At that point, unfortunately, a polysyllabic discussion began about whether the “genuine reproduction” Louis Quinze armchair in which I was reclining was a three-dimensional oxymoron or just a faux fauteuil, and before long I’d walked out. Not because I’m anti-semantic (why, some of my best friends are words), but because I am, by nature, a little sesquipedalophobic. That’s right, I have a fear of long words.

* * *

Had I stayed, I would have asked my fellow members for their opinion of the single word “estate”, which (in my opinion) achieves honorary oxymoronic status on account of being its own antonym.

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5 questions with Jessica Hill, community resource coordinator at the Decatur Public Library

I was a graduate student at the U of I and getting my master’s in social work. The library needed to develop a social services program and wanted an intern with a background in community networking, grant writing and program development. So, during my MSW placement, I researched and wrote a grant, and it became fully funded by the Macon County Mental Health Board, which allowed me to transition into the position I am in today.

2. What made you want to start a new program rather than look for a job in an already-established program?

* * *

My job merges the concept of micro and macro practice to serve patrons and the community. My job involves knowing community resources through community engagement, crisis management, de-escalating situations, offering staff assistance, and meeting unmet social service needs.’

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Happening on Twitter


Greetings Earthlings: We are out of our element The data presented above may one day be zapped to another dimension. Just thought you should be aware. Dude, there was a blue light over there just now.