NASA’s ‘Green’ Fuel Will Make Its Space Debut on SpaceX Falcon Heavy Mission

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NASA’s Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) is currently scheduled to launch on June 24 on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket as part of a technology-testing mission dubbed STP-2. GPIM, a small, box-shaped spacecraft powered by green technology, will test out a low-toxicity propellant in space for the first time, according to NASA. The clean propellant, a hydroxyl ammonium nitrate fuel/oxidizer mix called AF-M315E, will serve as an alternative to hydrazine, a highly toxic compound used in rocket fuel to power satellites and spacecraft.

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NASA, SpaceX To Use ‘Green’ Fuel For The First Time

NASA has taken a major step in becoming more environmentally friendly by developing a non-toxic fuel that will be used in a future mission through upcoming launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy spacecraft. Aside from its environmental benefits, the space agency said the new fuel is more cost-effective to use.

Dubbed as the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM), the project is a collaborative effort between NASA and various companies and departments for the demonstration of a safer and more effective propellant.

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NASA details Deep Space Atomic Clock and other tests launching on SpaceX Falcon Heavy

NASA detailed all of these missions in a press conference today, going into more detail about what each will involve and why NASA is even pursuing this research to begin with.

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Jill Seubert, Deep Space Navigator for NASA, explained that this is the’world’s first ion-based atomic space clock. ‘It’s about 50 times more stable than the GPS atomic clocks we use,’ adding that we currently have to navigate from Earth because the clocks on board spacecraft are really not very good at maintaining time accuracy.

Seubert noted that her job ‘ Deep Space Navigator ‘ is essentially a spacecraft pilot. ‘To put my job in context,’ she said, ‘It’s like me standing here in LA today and shooting an arrow, and hitting a target the size of a quarter, and that quarter is sitting in Times Square in New York.’

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Long-delayed NASA technology demonstration payloads finally set for launch

WASHINGTON ‘ After years of delays, a group of NASA technology demonstration payloads is finally set to lift off on a Falcon Heavy later this month.

The four NASA payloads are part of the overall Space Test Program (STP) 2 mission scheduled to launch on a Falcon Heavy from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida no earlier than June 24. The launch was previously scheduled for June 22, but officials with the U.S. Air Force, who is overseeing the STP-2 mission, said June 7 that it needed additional time to integrate the satellites flying on the mission.

That slip, though, is minor compared to the overall delays for STP-2. The Air Force procured the launch from SpaceX in 2012, planning for a launch in 2015. Issues wit the development of the Falcon Heavy, which made its first launch in February 2018, delayed STP-2 significantly. This launch will be the third for the heavy-lift rocket, after that inaugural flight and the Arabsat-6A launch in April.

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