Southern Research’s AIRS technology records spacecraft’s return for NASA

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Southern Research’s unique high-altitude HD video recording system provided NASA with dramatic close-up images of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft as it descended through Earth’s atmosphere for a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean in March.

The Airborne Imaging and’Reconnaissance System (AIRS), mounted on a NASA WB-57F research aircraft flying at 18,000 feet, recorded the unmanned spacecraft on its March 8 return after a critical test mission to the International Space Station.

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This may worth something:

After scrub, SpaceX targets early Saturday for NASA cargo launch

Early on Friday morning, within minutes of the opening’and closing’of an instantaneous launch window, SpaceX scrubbed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and Cargo Dragon supply mission to the International Space Station.

The company said it made the decision to stand down due to an “electrical issue” on its Of Course I Still Love You droneship, positioned just offshore for the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage to land on. This is the first time SpaceX has stood down a launch attempt due to a problem related to recovering a first-stage booster. The company can probably thank NASA for being an understanding customer.

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SpaceX Will Launch a Dragon Cargo Ship for NASA Before Dawn Saturday! Here’s How to Watch.

Update for 3:11 a.m. EDT: SpaceX postponed the Friday launch Dragon cargo launch to the International Space Station for NASA due to an issue with the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You, where the first stage of the mission’s Falcon 9 rocket was to land after this morning’s liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The next launch attempt will be Saturday, May 4, at 2:48 a.m. EDT (0648 GMT).’

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At 3:11 a.m. EDT (0711 GMT) on Friday (May 3), a shiny new SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will take to the skies here from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, lofting a robotic Dragon cargo capsule carrying more than 5,500 lbs. (2,495 kilograms) of fresh supplies, experiment hardware and other gear for the astronauts aboard the orbiting lab.’

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Watch SpaceX send cargo to the International Space Station

Update May 3rd, 3:04AM ET: Today’s launch has been scrubbed due to an electrical issue with the drone ship meant to collect the booster. The next possible launch window is on Saturday at 2:48AM ET.

Original Story: Early Friday morning, SpaceX is set to launch another one of its Dragon cargo capsules to orbit, loaded with supplies and science experiments for the International Space Station. It’s an otherwise routine launch for the company ‘ the 17th one that SpaceX has launched for NASA since 2012. However, this mission comes two weeks after the passenger version of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule exploded during an engine test.

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SpaceX confirmed that its Crew Dragon spaceship for NASA was ‘destroyed’ by a recent test. Here’s what we learned about the explosive failure.

Nearly two weeks after SpaceX said one of its spaceships suffered a testing “anomaly” ‘ it exploded ‘ an executive of Elon Musk’s aerospace company has provided fresh information and insights into the failure.

On April 20, SpaceX set out to test the escape thrusters of its Crew Dragon capsule, which is designed to fly NASA astronauts to and from orbit. The test was supposed to show that the ship’s engine clusters would ignite without incident.

SpaceX was then planning to attach the capsule to a rocket in order to test the escape system mid-flight. If all of this had gone smoothly, that would have showed NASA that SpaceX’s launch system is capable of propelling astronauts out of a high-speed pickle if one arises. But that’s not what happened.

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