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Smashing Stereotypes At Girls Who Code

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Adelaide Fringe performer Frida Deguise is not afraid of smashing stereotypes
(Mar 2019) “I’m breaking stereotypes for non-Muslims and for Muslims . “I think now I have a lot of Muslim girls that follow me, and a lot of the young Muslims love me because I’m just speaking out, I’m

Girl code! Stunning young woman creates children’s story book to encourage females to code
(Mar 2019) Sasha, from Washington, DC, US, decided to write a book to encourage other girls to learn how to code and to stop gender stereotypes in the technology industry. ‘Sasha Savvy Loves to Code’, which is

Muslim girls keen to pursue agri research
(Mar 2019) Rajendranagar: Smashing stereotypes that Muslim girls are left far behind their male counterparts in education, the results at PJTSAU shows that with dedication they can achieve whatever they want.

Pants are overrated
(Mar 2019) It is essential that the code of Jewish law . There has become stereotype in many yeshivot, that a nice girl would not wear pants. It’s not worth going on a date with such a girl.

“Girls Just Don’t Like Computer Science” Isn’t a Good Enough Excuse
(Mar 2019) Despite the rapid expansion of job opportunities over the past thirty years, new research from Accenture and Girls Who Code shows the . coupled with the stereotype that ‘computer science

Innovation And Coding For Girls Q&A: Dee Saigal, Founder Erase All Kittens
(Mar 2019) Dee Saigal: Erase All Kittens (EAK) is the first game designed to inspire girls to code and . doesn’t pander to gender stereotypes. Unlike other tools that focus mostly on concepts of coding,

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