SHADOcon 2 Event Report ‘ UFO guests, displays and more

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SHADOcon 2 Event Report ‘ UFO guests, displays and more‘The Official Gerry Anderson Website

Many things are taking place:

Want to watch fireworks or go to a picnic or parade on the Fourth of July? Here’s where to go

The Fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year, which is either really great news (woo hoo! really long weekend!) or really not great (ugh, I have to go back to work tomorrow). We’re not entirely sure. But we do know there will be fireworks.

All events listed take place on Wednesday unless otherwise noted. They’re also free, although in most cases you’re probably going to have to bring your own food and drink or buy it.

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3 Ways Experts Can Monetize Their Knowledge

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for your knowledge? The good news, it’s totally possible’and it doesn’t necessarily involve starting a business. If you’re a full-time digital marketer, for example, you can get paid to speak at local events, guest post on popular outlets or consult with people. The point is, if you know more about something than most people, you can get paid for that information.

Nothing gives you more credibility than having an outlet where you consistently share that knowledge’i.e. a blog, podcast or personal website. Anyone who creates content (i.e. videos, photos, blog posts, news articles) surrounding a particular topic will be seen as an expert. And with that comes an incredible opportunity to create an impactful brand and monetize that influence.

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Annual report on ending homelessness being unveiled Friday

PHOTO SUPPLIED Results from Year 3 of Grande Prairie’s Five Year Plan to End Homelessness (2015-2019) is being shared with the public on Friday.


The City of Grande Prairie and Community Advisory Board on Housing and Homelessness will be presenting a homelessness report later this week.


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