SEE: Fish with weird, human-like teeth reeled in off South Carolina coast, but what is it?

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It’s a startling and surreal sight; a fish with a mouth full of human teeth, and it’s still unclear exactly what species of fish it is. 

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The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources posted a riddle and a photo of the strange-looking fish, which was caught off the coast, on its Facebook page this week. 

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This may worth something:

SEE: Fish with weird, human-like teeth reeled in off South Carolina coast, but what is it?

Published: Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 6:56 AM By: Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


“You’ll need a saltwater fishing license to catch me! I like to hang out near rocks, jetties, reefs, and even bridges … The coolest thing about me? I have human-like incisors and molars to help crush my food. I like shrimp and oysters just like you do!”

Presenting: One of the All Time Stupidest Jokes I Have Ever Written and Loved.The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources asked its social media followers to identify a fish that has human-like teeth. ‘Why don’t they just ask me?’ wondered Dr. Salty the Sea Dentist.

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Fisherman’s freaky catch is becoming an internet sensation

If there is one thing everyone on the internet can generally agree on it’s that you can find anything on the internet. Really, any question you may have has an answer, so long as you know where to find it.

But every now and then something comes along that has everybody stumped, and when it happens, it’s a newsworthy event. Such is the case with a fish that was found in South Carolina.

While it’s understandable that there may be some fish in the deeper ocean depths that we have never seen before, for the most part, most can be identified pretty easily. But this one, with one defining, disturbing characteristic, had people stumped.

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Fish reeled in with human TEETH so powerful they can crush crabs and oysters

Pamela and Chad Holbrook caught the fish in Charleston Harbour, South Carolina, and shared the finding online.

Jumping ahead.

Mrs Holbrook, 32, said it was a sheepshead fish, which are tough to catch, often stealing bait from the line.

"They crush barnacles, oysters, and crabs with those teeth," she said. "They are not sharp like what we think of as incisors.

"But some of the teeth toward the front are skinnier like our incisors and then they go backwards to molars – well, kind of like molars.

"They have to have teeth to be able to rip out and then crush down the shell of oysters and barnacles."