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Robotic Navigation Tech That Helped Nasas Perseverance Rover Land On Mars Will Explore The Deep Ocean

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Cameras Capture Mars Like Never Before
(Sep 2021) Scientists tap into an array of imagers aboard the six-wheeled explorer to get a big picture of the Red Planet.

Researchers develop ‘robo-cane’ that may improve navigation for the blind
(Sep 2021) The “white cane” that many blind people rely on for navigating the world hasn’t been upgraded in a century, but researchers are reporting progress on a “robo-cane” they hope will modernize the

Robots to the Rescue
(Sep 2021) Its January 2019, and despite itbeing the middle of the summer in the Southern Hemisphere,

Airbus And IBM Upgrades Their HAL 9000 Inspired Robot
(Sep 2021) Airbus partnered with IBM and German Aerospace Center DLR to explore innovative opportunities and space exploration projects. In September 2019, they launched an artificial intelligence-powered robot

CSIRO finalist in world’s toughest robot competition
(Sep 2021) A team of scientists from CSIRO has made it to the final round of the world’s toughest robotics competition taking place this month. It has prepared a fleet of six state-of-the-art robots for the

SSTL Signs Up ESA as Anchor Customer for Lunar Pathfinder
(Sep 2021) Image courtesy SSTL The Commercial Lunar Mission Support Services contract was signed between ESA’s Director of Human and Robotic Exploration, Dave Parker, and SSTL’s Managing

Day 3: Industry Tech Days Shifts Gear to Talk About Autonomous Vehicles
(Sep 2021) We head into the middle of ITD 2021 with a Keynote about innovation, ambition, and really big robots in the form of autonomous semi-trucks.

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