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Scientists Over The Moon For Nasas Solar Probe Launch To The Sun

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NASA’s Parker Solar Probe got closer to the sun than ever before
(Dec 2018) And now, we have the first image from that encounter, one that NASA scientists . Solar Probe) instrument on November 8th and it shows what’s known as a coronal streamer. These streamers are made up

Preparing for discovery with NASA’s Parker Solar Probe
(Dec 2018) Credit: NASA . Solar Probe is traveling fast enough to almost exactly match the Sun’s rotational speed, meaning that Parker “hovers” over one area of the Sun for a short amount of time

NASA’s Solar Probe Just Sent Back the First Photo From Inside the Sun’s Atmosphere
(Dec 2018) but scientists and space buffs alike are celebrating the accomplishment. Parker captured the image using its Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe (WISPR) while it was about 16.9 million miles away from t

First Image of the Sun from the Parker Solar Probe
(Dec 2018) Now, scientists . over one area of the Sun for a short amount of time. Scientists can be certain that changes in data during this period are caused by actual changes on the Sun, rather than the Sun’

NASA spacecraft beams back first image from inside the Sun’s atmosphere
(Dec 2018) NASA scientists treated the audience at this week’s American Geophysical Union meeting to a special treat: an unprecedented photo taken from inside the sun’s atmosphere. The image was captured by the

10 science stories in 2018 that made us go, “Whoa, that’s awesome”
on 18th of Dec 2018 As science journalists . To answer these questions, and to better prepare for solar storms, NASA launched a mission in August to touch the sun. It’s called the Parker Solar Probe, and it’s awesome.

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