Scientists investigate new ways of helping computers to keep their cool

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Xue Qikun, winner of first prize in the State Natural Science Award, inspects equipment in his lab at Tsinghua University. (YUAN JIE/FOR CHINA DAILY)

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In a scene from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, the arrogant and awkward physics prodigy Sheldon Cooper asks a class of doctoral candidates at the California Institute of Technology if they are familiar with the concept of topological insulators.

Whatever your feelings about the show, it got one thing right: topological matter is a notoriously difficult, albeit important, subject. So much so that four Nobel Prizes in physics, from 1985 to 2016, were awarded to experts who paved the way for its discovery.

  • Date: The discovery, published in the journal Science in early 2013, sent a shock wave through the global physics community because it filled a theoretical gap that had puzzled scientists for more than 130 years.
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Stanford to investigate faculty members’ ties with Chinese scientist amid gene

Stanford has launched a review into several faculty members’ ties to He Jiankui, a former postdoctoral fellow who claimed in November that he had successfully edited the embryos of twin girls to make them HIV-resistant using a gene-editing tool called CRISPR. He’s work has since been condemned by the Chinese government for violating state regulations.