This will be a critical and rare opportunity for the public to provide input to the White House.

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[ Scientific Integrity Task Force Will Tackle Politicization in Federal Science ]

Importantly, the task force will hold a public comment period during the review process. This will be a critical and rare opportunity for the public to provide input to the White House. Thus, it will be important for the scientific community to take advantage of this opportunity and voice the need for stronger scientific integrity policies to protect federal scientists and their work.

Another scientific integrity concern that the task force should discuss is communicating, and making publicly transparent, scientific information. An analysis by UCS showed that COVID-19 information and guidance was largely shared and controlled by non-scientists during the prior administration. This resulted in misinformation being spread (e.g., injecting bleach may cure you of COVID-19), eroding public trust in federal science and harming people’s health. Both NOAA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have provisions in their scientific integrity policies that allow scientists to communicate about their work, and there is no evidence that such a provision has been or will be problematic. The public deserves to hear from the scientists conducting work that informs decisions that affect us all.

Publisher: Union of Concerned Scientists
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Many things are taking place:

Biden launches Scientific Integrity Task Force to ensure science is free from political influence

President Joe Biden is launching a new task force in an effort to combat politicization of science and tighten rules for how the scientific community and Washington co-mingle.

The new 46-person scientific integrity panel, which is made up of individuals from two dozen government agencies, will meet for the first time Friday.

Its mission is to examine areas where partisanship interfered with what were supposed to be decisions based on evidence and research from 2009 until present day. The probes are aimed at allowing the task force to come up with ways to keep politics out of government science in the future.

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Date: 2021-05-10T11:05:34+0100
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The Environmental Protection Agency is cleaning up its image

Like many of his colleagues at the Environmental Protection Agency, Justin Chen says he wanted ‘a job with a purpose.’ So in 2015, Chen left his post as an environmental engineer for a consulting firm to take on a similar role at the EPA. ‘I always wanted to see what it was like to be on the regulatory side, as opposed to working on behalf of the people that were regulated,’ Chen says.

He also looked forward to what he thought would be a stable, unionized job. But Donald Trump’s administration was about to upend things at the EPA, making vulnerabilities that the agency was already facing even worse. Trump’s election a little over a year after Chen started at the EPA ushered in a period of dramatic environmental rollbacks and an exodus of scientists from the agency.

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Want to Party? You Might Need a ‘Vaccine Passport.’

You could hear the music from the sidewalk, high-spirited renditions of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘MMMBop.’

It was ’90s night at Rumi, a ballroom and event space in the Chelsea section of Manhattan in New York City, and millennials and Gen Zers lined up to get inside. They dressed the part in tracksuits, neon crop tops, denim overalls and scrunchies.

To enter, they had to pass two checkpoints. First, a bouncer verified IDs and took temperatures. Then, Joseph Ko, one of the ballroom’s owners, confirmed that each person had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. The process took about five minutes.

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U.S. Immigration Policy

According to the report, the high level of illegal immigration in the country is increasingly damaging to U.S. national interests'”[it] diminishes respect for the law, creates potential security risks, weakens labor rights, strains U.S. relations with its Mexican neighbor, and unfairly burdens public education and social services in many states.”

But it contends that “no enforcement effort will succeed properly unless the legal channels for coming to the United States can be made to work better.” Therefore, “the U.S. government must invest in creating a working immigration system that alleviates long and counterproductive backlogs and delays, and ensures that whatever laws are enacted by Congress are enforced thoroughly and effectively.”

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