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The Cold War Project That Pulled Climate Science From The Ice Htm

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Making the planetary personal: the roots of climate science
(Sep 2019) Morgan is a historian of science and the environment at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She is a lead author of the forthcoming sixth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on

“Kochland” Examines the Koch Brothers’ Early, Crucial Role in Climate
(since Aug, 2019) According to “Kochland,” the 1991 conference was called “Global Environmental Crisis: Science or Politics?” It featured many of the same characters who have spread doubt about the reality of climate

PAWcast: Author Bryan Walsh ’01 on Existential Threats Facing Humanity
Sep 23rd, 2019 14:52 UTC   Princeton Alumni Weekly

Listen on Apple Podcasts • Google Podcasts • Spotify • Soundcloud. Follow. Princeton Alumni Weekly · PAWcast: Author Bryan Walsh ’01 on Existential Threats .

WATCH | High above Greenland glaciers, NASA looks into melting ocean ice
(since Aug, 2019)   News24

Skimming low over the gleaming white glaciers on Greenland’s coast in a modified 1940s plane, three NASA scientists, led by an Elvis-impersonating .

Extreme climate change in the United States: Here are America’s fastest-warming places
(since Aug, 2019)   Washington Post

More than a century of temperature data shows much of the U.S. Northeast is in the grip of extreme warming, with winter heating up more quickly than other .

THE ANGRY ARAB: The Moon Landing & the Cold War
(many weeks now)   Consortium News

Amid all the 50th anniversary commemorations of Apollo 11, As`ad AbuKhalil finds little mention of the pioneering contributions of the Soviet space program.

Good News! No Need to Have a Mental Breakdown Over ‘Climate Collapse’
(since Mar, 2019)   Reason

“What if I told you there was a paper on climate change that was so uniquely catastrophic, so perspective-altering, and so absolutely depressing that it’s sent .

To the ends of the Earth – Reveal
(some months now) To the ends of the Earth  Reveal

In our first story, we take listeners to a place where no human has been before. Reporter Carolyn Beeler boards an icebreaker to sail along the face of .

Material World – Dissent
(many weeks now) Material World  Dissent

What if the global ruling class was intentionally destroying the climate? Think about it: educated in the world’s most expensive institutions, they must understand .

Arctic climate change and the costs of offshore oil | The Star
(some months now)   Toronto Star

Reviving Arctic drilling could bring prosperity to northern communities but risks further warming the Arctic.

Climate Change: A Human Rights Issue
(since Aug, 2019)   The Organization for World Peace

Climate Change is the most pressing issue of the 21stcentury and is at the epicentre of humanity’s concerns for the future as we face environmental crises on an .

Northern Ontario communities have been living with eco-anxiety for decades | The Star
(many weeks now)   Toronto Star

Indigenous communities are living with the crises that come with accelerated climate change. Some call it environmental injustice.

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