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Science Is Often Poorly Communicated Researchers Can Fight Back Htm

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Science Communication: Truth, Lies and Uncertainty
(Aug 2019) The scientific process, as I have often said . if we don’t first communicate well with one another. We need to be able to share new ideas and the products of research. The recipients need

With hurricane forecasts improved, research focus turns to explaining storm risk to public
on 25th of Aug 2019 Meteorologist Frank Marks, longtime director of the federal Hurricane Research Division . in a new effort to improve the way forecasters use social and behavioral science to communicate risk to the

Russia is imposing new restrictions on communication with foreign researchers. Here’s what we know about those rules so far.
(Aug 2019) The new limits on scholarly communication recall similar regulations from the Soviet era. Simon Shnol, a biophysicist and historian of science . researchers they don’t like. “Good institutes will be

Climate change is the one area of science Republicans tend to doubt
(Aug 2019) Of Republicans with high levels of science knowledge? Less than half. “We often see that public . It’s an outcome familiar to climate communication researchers. The Yale Program on Climate

Bluetooth is bad and you should stop using it
(Aug 2019) “[An] attacker is able to the listen in on, or change the content of, nearby Bluetooth communication, even between devices that have previously been successfully paired,” explain the researchers

Meet the Researchers Working to Make Sure Artificial Intelligence Is a Force for Good
(Aug 2019) As interpreted by the courts, that law criminalizes breaking a website or platform’s terms of service, an often necessary step for researchers . professor of communication, science studies

How Artificial Intelligence Is Preventing Cognitive Overload, Compassion Fatigue And Job Burnout
(Aug 2019) Job Burnout On The Rise Gallup studied nearly 7,500 full-time employees and found that 23% reported feeling burned out at work very often or always . You can change bad habits and prevent stress

Scientists seek better understanding of mouse, human brains to improve research
(Aug 2019) But on human brains, these treatments often don’t work. Now, researchers have pinpointed specific differences . a researcher at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and study senior author, in a

Cold War Science, in Defense of Walt Whitman, and Sartre’s Bad Trip
(Aug 2019) Wolfe’s Freedom’s Laboratory: The Cold War Struggle for the Soul of Science. Here’s a snippet: “Wolfe’s book is not a history of science filled with equations, detailed accounts of laboratory research

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