Science Gory Details. Or smell putrid smells on purpose, or sneak peeks at things that make you wince?

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[ Science writer explains why ‘Gory Details’ matter ]

So why look at them, then? Or smell putrid smells on purpose, or sneak peeks at things that make you wince? Psychologists call it “benign masochism,” Engelhaupt says, and we do so for the same reasons we watch horror movies or jump in roller coasters or eat super-hot foods: They are ” ‘safe’ threats.”

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Whether we admit it or not, we all have our nose-wrinklers, those things that make you gag, rear back, hold your breath, and thank your strong stomach. You make that face just thinking of them, but don’t recoil yet. Remember this first: “Gory Details” matter.

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Not to change the topic here:

“Gory Details” offers a deliciously dark look at science’s most repulsive facts

‘Gory Details: Adventures from the Dark Side of Science’ by Erika Engelhaupt. c.2021, National Geographic. $26/$35 Canada. 336 pages. Courtesy

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But no, they whipped back past your ears and away from whatever it was that made your eyes water, your nose wrinkle, and that just-sucked-a-lemon look come over your face. That look is universal, says science writer Erika Engelhaupt, and in her new book ‘Gory Details,’ you’ll see why we run from the repulsive.

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Just by looking at its cover, you can pretty much determine that there’s some urpyness inside this book but there’s much less of it than you think there’ll be. Engelhaupt doesn’t set out to make your stomach roil or your skin crawl; this book isn’t that. Instead, she deftly diverts you, separating the interesting from the Ick Factor, like letting you get accustomed to an empty vial before it’s filled with ooze. That gives readers the space they need to become infected by a contagious sense of amazed wonder long before the wincing commences.

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Science-based ‘Gory Details’ makes for dark, fun read

Add in a deliciously dark sense of humor, as well as respectful awe, and you’ve got a great science-based read for ages 16 to adult. If you enjoy the unique, look for “Gory Details” and move on it fast.

Reporter’s Note: If you just can’t get enough of fun facts, go find “Stuff You Should Know,” by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant with Nils Parker. It’s a lively, funny conversation (in book form) about random things, this and that, with plenty of oh-by-the-ways. It’s like overhearing a conversation between two guys at a pub; no surprise that this entertaining book is based on a podcast of the same name.

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If you enjoy the unique, look for ‘Gory Details’ and move on it fast

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A New Twist Reveals Superconductivity’s Secrets

Skyrmions emerge from the collective behavior of scores of electrons, but they behave as individual particles.

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The game started in 2018 when the lab of Pablo Jarillo-Herrero announced the find of the decade: When the researchers stacked one flat sheet of carbon atoms on top of another, applied a ‘magic’ 1.1-degree twist between them, then cooled the atomic wafers to nearly absolute zero, the sample became a perfect conduit of electrons.

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