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If we’re seeking aliens, we need to look at Earth through their eyes

Suppose there really are aliens out there who are creeping around on the surface of some faraway planet and have managed to survive everything space has thrown at them so far. How could we find out they exist?

The answer might lie in how they would (hypothetically) see us. We may never know whether there really are intelligent beings who have spotted our planet as it passed by the sun, but observing it from their perspective could help us see through extraterrestrial eyes. This is the objective of the Earth Transit Observer (ETO) mission concept. Led by a research team from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), ETO will watch Earth in transit as if it was a spacecraft sent out here by other intelligent beings.

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Can Single Cells Learn?

ABOVE: An illustration of Paramecium, a genus of microscopic, single-celled, and free-living protozoans’ ISTOCK.COM, WIR0MAN

Even by her own telling, Beatrice Gelber’s work was offbeat. It was October 1960, and Gelber had recently opened a facility called the Basic Health Research Institute in Tucson, Arizona. Described as an ‘enthusiastic psychologist’ by the newspaper interviewing her about her work, Gelber explained how, several years earlier, she’d discovered an unexpected behavior in a protozoan called Paramecium aurelia.’This unicellular organism, she claimed, had shown it was capable of learning, a feat generally assumed to be restricted to what were considered higher organisms such as mammals and birds. Fellow scientists ‘all thought I was plain crazy when I started,’ she told the Tucson Daily Citizen. ‘But now they think I may have something.’

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Do Advanced Alien Civilizations Exist? Astrobiologists Provide a New Take on Drake’s Equation

There are several famous equations in science, particularly in physics. The’language of these is, of course, mathematics. There’s Newton’s Second Law, which states that the vector sum of an external forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration vector a of the object (F = ma). There’s Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence given by the notoriously famous equation E = mc2.

Another famous equation is that of the astronomer Frank Drake, which describes ‘N’The number of civilizations in our galaxy with which radio communication might be possible. In other words, the number of intelligent civilizations besides our own.

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Andy Weir’s New Space Odyssey

A new novel from ‘The Martian’ author is slightly more out there, but it still has plenty of particle physics.

‘The real world is a far richer and more complex tapestry than any writer could invent,’ Andy Weir, the author of ‘Project Hail Mary,’ said.Credit…Jason Henry for The New York Times

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When Andy Weir was writing his new novel, ‘Project Hail Mary,’ he stumbled into a thorny physics problem.

‘I was having a really difficult time finding information on that, and the reason is because people don’t fully know. I mean, we’re getting to the edge of human knowledge on that one,’ Weir said in an interview last month from his home in Saratoga, Calif. ‘Neutrinos are the smallest and most difficult to deal with subatomic particles that we have ever actually managed to prove exist.’

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Author: A new novel from The Martian author is slightly more out there but it still has plenty of particle physics
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15 best TV shows to binge on Disney Plus

Yes, the Mighty Ducks are back. But thankfully not as a remake. A follow-up to the ’90s flick, Game Changers stars Emilio Estevez as the original Ducks coach Gordon Bombay, who now runs a low-level ice rink. The Mighty Ducks junior hockey team have become so good they can be selective about who joins. The David to their Goliath, a new team of underdogs brings together the rejects, including 12-year-old Evan Morrow. Who do they enlist as their coach? You get one guess. With Lauren Graham helping provide some of the laughs, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is surprisingly layered, packed with earnestness and nostalgia.

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What messages have we sent to aliens?

In the early 19th century, Austrian astronomer Joseph Johann Von Littrow earnestly proposed that humans dig trenches configured in vast geometric patterns in the Sahara desert, fill them with kerosene and light them ablaze. The idea was to send a clear message to alien civilizations living elsewhere in the solar system: We are here.’

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Radio actualized the quest to declare Earth’s existence. In 1962, Soviet scientists aimed a radio transmitter at Venus and saluted the planet in Morse code. This introduction, the first of its kind, included three words: Mir (Russian for “peace” or “world”), Lenin and SSSR (the Latin alphabet acronym for the Cyrillic name of the Soviet Union). The message was considered largely symbolic, according to a 2018 article published in the International Journal of Astrobiology. More than anything, it was a test run for a brand-new planetary radar, a technology which sends radio waves into space, with the primary goal of observing and mapping objects in the solar system.

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