Science Sunday: Experimenting with electricity 5/2

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Many things are taking place:

Revelers gather for UK rave experiment without social distancing

(CNN) — Crowds of revelers descended on the city of Liverpool in northwest England on Friday for a live music event held without masks or social distancing.

The British experiment was held without Covid-19 restrictions. It was part of the government’s Events Research Program (ERP) and will provide scientific data to help officials plan how nightclubs and live events might return to the UK this summer.

Liverpool’s director of public health Matt Ashton said the rave gave a “glimpse of what we think the future might hold.”

Speaking to the BBC, Ashton said it was “wonderful” to see the looks on people’s faces as they gathered in a specially converted warehouse on Friday.

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A group of French volunteers just spent 40 days in a cave, all in the name of science

Most of us can’t bear to put our phone away from the bedside table so we can get a good night’s sleep, never mind hunker down in a cold, dark cave for forty days with a group of strangers in the name of science. A group of 15 volunteers spent 40 days in an underground cave as part a Deep Time experiment that aimed to gather information on how humans react in situations where they lose all sense of time or place.’

Taking a couple of moments to allow their eyes to adjust to the light (shielded by special sunglasses for protection), the volunteers emerged from their underground hideaway in much the same way they entered it. Admittedly a little paler than they were just over a month ago, all group members appeared to still be in good health.’

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2021 Summer Camp Preview

Last year, COVID-19 caused some serious headaches for summer camp organizers. With so much uncertainty about health safety, most overnight camps chose to cancel their programs and day camps were limited. This summer things are looking up! A large number of sleepover and day camps are planning to go ahead, though health safeguards will remain in place. Due to size limitations this year, some camps are already full, but most have waiting lists. We recommend calling in advance to confirm that any camp you are considering still has openings.

YMCA Summer Enrichment Camp, Athena Elementary School, Mondays through Thursdays, June 21 to August 5 (Tues. to Fri. on 4th of July week); for kids entering 1st through 5th grade, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., lunch provided. Cost is $75 per week with a $10 per week deposit that is applied to the cost. Seven weeks of themes include Art, Outdoor Exploration, Sports, Edible Creations, Splish-Splash, Great Outdoors, and Spirit Week. Kids have fun while building self-confidence, appreciating teamwork, and gaining independence. STEM based program with a mix of outdoor learning skills and local field trips. Details at

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NASA’s Perseverance rover makes OXYGEN on Mars for the first time

Future astronauts travelling to the Red Planet can ‘breathe easy’ after NASA’s Perseverance rover made history by creating oxygen from Martian CO2.’

It also has a range of other science experiments, including MOXIE, a small, gold box-shaped instrument that used electrolysis technology to generate oxygen.’

This version is capable of producing up to 12g of oxygen per hour, or about 288g per day. Astronauts on the ISS consume an average of 840g of O2 every day.’

‘This is a critical first step at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen on Mars,’ said NASA’s Jim Reuter, adding it will make future human missions more viable.

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Over half of UK now vaccinated, NHS figures show

More than half of the UK’s total population has received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, new’figures show.

NHS data up to April 23 shows that of the 45,580,400 jabs given in the UK so far, 33,508,590 were first doses – a rise of 119,953 on the previous day.

The UK population is estimated to be 66,796,807, so the latest figures show that more than half the population have now had a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Anyone aged 45 and over can still arrange their jab in England, as well as people who are clinically vulnerable or health and care workers.

Deputy chief executive of NHS Providers Saffron Cordery said: “It is an astonishing achievement that half of the UK population has now had at least one Covid-19 jab.

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