Science Is Not about Getting More “Likes”

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Social media measures the success of an idea by how many ‘likes’ it gets. Scientific success is measured by how close the idea is to the truth. Science Is Not about Getting More "Likes" - Scientific ... is a learning experience about nature that holds the potential of showing us wrong, irrespective of our popularity status on Twitter. Physics is a dialogue with nature, not a monologue. In the physical sciences, the truth is synonymous with experimental evidence. It’s Not Your Imagination – The New York Times Is Getting ... are not getting hotter in the Northeast. Winters are not getting warmer in the Northeast. It is not your imagination – the New York Times is lying about the climate. One would therefore expect physicists to measure success by how well their ideas match data rather than by how popular these ideas are among their peers. Science Isn’t Broken | FiveThirtyEight spent many months asking dozens of scientists this question, and the answer I’ve found is a resounding no. Science isn’t broken, nor is it untrustworthy. It’s just more difficult ... Surprisingly, this naive expectation is not manifested throughout the current landscape of theoretical physics.

Once a mainstream culture grows to this self-sustaining phase, it does not need external verification. Porn Is Not Getting More Violent, According To Science ... new study shows that contrary to popular belief, porn is not getting increasingly violent. The ideas it advocates are reasoned to be inherently correct based on their mathematical beauty, with experiments serving the optional role of narrowing down the wide range of possibilities allowed by the flexible mathematical framework. What is NOT Science? » Undivided Looking chain of reasoning is only as strong as its weakest link. So a philosophical argument based on Science should not necessarily trump, e.g. a strong historical argument, simply because Science is normally more reliable than History. Past generations of theoretical physicists were less arrogant; among the possibilities they contemplated was one that allowed their theories to be proven wrong by experimental data.

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