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Science Images Can Capture Attention And Pique Curiosity In A Way Words Alone Cant

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Nanomachines, Jellyfish Hugs and Hurricane Dorian from Space: The Week’s Best Science GIFs
(since Aug, 2019) We believe the format can go further, that it has real power to capture science and explain research in short . Galaxies get all the attention. Filled to the brim with hundreds of billions of stars,

Is That Really Your Sister Calling?
(Sep 2019) Have you not been paying attention . It’s not like you can’t recognize your own sister’s face. You hang up and text your sister, or at least you text the number your sister was using. Finally you

Private antitrust litigation in United Kingdom – England & Wales (England & Wales)
(Sep 2019)   Lexology

United Kingdom September 3 2019. Legislation and jurisdiction. Development of antitrust litigation. How would you summarise the development of private .

Make the most of your Manufacturing Day event
(some months now)   The Fabricator

These tips from organizations that have hosted Manufacturing Day events in the past can help your shop have a successful open house.

Bringing Girls Into the Science-Major Pipeline
(years back)   Chronicle of Higher Education

The often-misunderstood field of computer science is a good example of a discipline in need of a good public-relations campaign.

Four Reasons Why Nobody’s Paying Attention To Your Presentation
(years back)   Fast Company

Giving a powerful presentation is both an art and a science. Here’s a look at the science.

Fleeting thoughts on an art work, one year after its purchase
(some months now)   Daily Review

Travis Vella’s To those that were missing (2018) is a medium size oil on board, a representational work, depicting four female figures in the format of a family .

Top tips on how to make your lectures interesting
(months ago)   Times Higher Education (THE)

A new teaching year has just begun in the northern hemisphere. Eight academics reflect on their experience of lecturing, and offer their tips on opening students’ .

22 Strange NASA Images That Show How Little We Know About Mars
(months ago)   TheTravel

Engulfed by pitch-black darkness and silence, the vast outer space always finds a way to keep our imagination turning.

Generate – August 22, 2019 – Axios
(since Aug, 2019) Generate – August 22, 2019  Axios

Good morning! Today’s Smart Brevity: 1,272 words, < 5 minutes. Yesterday marked exactly 30 years since Tears for Fears released today's expertly crafted intro .

Budget proposes 2.9% property tax increase | Whistler
(since Feb, 2019)   Pique Newsmagazine

Whistlerites can expect another tax increase in the 2019 budget. The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is proposing a 2.9-per-cent property tax increase, .

Another PTAB Casualty: Emmy Awarded Wireless Microphone Technology Could Be Invalidated
(since Aug, 2019)   IPWatchdog.com

On October 25, the AIPLA Annual Meeting will host a Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Inter Partes Review (IPR) trial to determine the fate of a pair of .

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