‘Late Night’ Stars Emma Thompson In A Role Mindy Kaling Wrote Just For Her

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Mindy Kaling, right, wrote the lead role in Late Night with Emma Thompson in mind. They filmed the movie in a “white heat of passion” in 25 days, Thompson says. They are pictured above in London in May 2019. Matt Dunham/AP hide caption

There’s a funny thing about late night TV, says Mindy Kaling. Watching these shows, “there’s such a joie de vivre” ‘ but it’s at odds with the “ruthlessness and mercilessness” that goes into making the show behind the scenes. “I was obsessed with how all these people could be working so hard and be so competitive to make a product that is so entertaining and light,” Kaling says.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

‘Late Night’ review: A writers’ room of one’s own, with Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson

‘Late Night’ is about the room where it happens ‘ the writers’ room of a long-running, seriously calcifying late-night talk show, hosted by imperious, aloof Katherine Newbury, played by Emma Thompson. She’s awfully good. And she’s the reason this amiable if frustrating picture is worth seeing.

Katherine’s a familiar television brand. Until recently she has gotten away with not caring much about ratings (falling), the makeup of her writing staff (male, white, justifiably paranoid) or her ability (slim to invisible) to connect with a younger, hipper demographic.

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Mindy Kaling wrote Late Night character for ‘hilarious’ Emma Thompson

Mindy Kaling tapped Emma Thompson for the lead role in comedy-drama Late Night because the actress ‘never gets to do funny parts’.

The Ocean’s 8 star was desperate to get the British actress on board for the new flick and wrote the role of veteran late-night talk show host Katherine Newbury, who is struggling to stay relevant and compete against fresher shows in the ratings, specifically for the star.

During an appearance on Monday’s episode (June 3, 2019) of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mindy revealed she was so intent on giving her idol Emma a comedy role that she had no plan B had the Love Actually star turned down her offer.

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