Science Fiction Edition: Futuropaco, Mythic Sunship, Rivers On Mars & ORB

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Before we float too far out of the galaxy and find ourselves in a wormhole, how about a little pit stop on, say Mars? Rivers On Mars is a new project from New York City saxophone player Avram Fefer and is a far-out ode to such intergalactic favorites as Sun Ra and Miles Davis. Their debut album is Deja Voodoo and is some seriously funky, futuristic jazz, complete with laser beams and jumps to hyperspace. This is untethered, free-form with a groovy backbone and is sure to take you to where no man has gone before. Enjoy!

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Festival organizers revealed the WinterWonderGrass Tahoe 2019 lineup including headliners Greensky Bluegrass, Trampled By Turtles, Leftover Salmon and the Sam Bush Band.

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Fiction at Warp Speed: Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018’2019

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Genre publishers know a thing or two about voracious fans. ‘When Jim Butcher releases a book, two days later it’s like, When’s the next one coming out?’ says Anne Sowards, executive editor at Ace. ‘Even though readers know intellectually that it takes a while to write a book, they don’t necessarily want to wait.’

These stepped-up expectations may be thanks, in part, to the pace of other media, such as podcasts and streaming services that drop complete seasons of episodes in a single day.

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First Ever Female ‘Dr. Who’ Celebrated With New Barbie Doll

A ‘Dr. Who’ Barbie has been created to celebrate the first-ever female physician, Jodie Whittaker, on the 11th season of the iconic science fiction TV show. ‘

Introducing the all-new #DoctorWho Barbie doll inspired by the iconic series’ Thirteenth Doctor. With her signature suspenders, lace-up boots and sonic screwdriver, this #Barbie doll is ready to time travel into your collection!

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The limited edition doll is dressed in the character’s famous rainbow striped top, suspenders, cropped pants, brown boots and hooded trench.

First Man: Making the Moon Sing with Justin Hurwitz and Linus Sandgren

The soul of First Man was written, both aurally and visually, before Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong ever stepped foot on the moon. That is at least one of the major takeaways from speaking with composer Justin Hurwitz and cinematographer Linus Sandgren. The day before we sat down for coffee, First Man had just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it’d been presented above the waters of Lake Ontario upon the first IMAX screen ever built for North American soil. Such a grandly cinematic debut on a landmark of engineering was clearly apt.

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