Science Fiction Doesn’t Have to Be Dystopian

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In his new collection, ‘Exhalation’ (Knopf), his second, Chiang again presents elaborate thought experiments in narrative modes that initially seem familiar. Contemporary issues relating to bioethics, virtual reality, free will and determinism, time travel, and the uses of robotic forms of A.I. are addressed in plain, forthright prose. If Chiang’s stories can strike us as riddles, concerned with asking rather than with answering difficult questions, there is little ambiguity about his language. When an entire story is metaphorical, focussed on a single surreal image, it’s helpful that individual sentences possess the windowpane transparency that George Orwell advocated as a prose ideal.

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How science fiction and fantasy can help us make sense of the world

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The world’s a mess. How do thoughtful people make sense of it all? In this series we’ve asked a number of our authors to suggest a book, philosopher, work of art ‘ or anything else, for that matter ‘ that will help to make sense of it all.

Speculative fiction consists of multiple varieties, with fantasy and science fiction the two major streams. It has often anticipated new technologies ‘ but that may be the least important reason why reading speculative fiction helps us make sense of the world.

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Science in Fiction: an interview with Balkees Abderrahman

The books you have published so far are in quite different genres, an almost Aesopian children’s book and a historical romance set in fictional worlds. What drove you to write each one?

I have always had a strong affinity to the idea of cultural open mindedness, personalism (a philosophy that takes into account the complex layers and ambivalences within each individual, and doesn’t ignore the uniqueness and depth of each individual), and perhaps a hint of cultural relativism (a philosophy that advocates for a person’s beliefs, values, and practices to be understood based on their own culture, rather than be judged against the criteria of another).

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Using the force: Annual Star Wars Day show celebrates science fiction (and an eclectic local music scene)

Star Wars enthusiasts have a lot to be thrilled about this year: The first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker dropped in April, setting the table for the conclusion of the latest trilogy and sparking speculation over the inclusion of Emperor Palpatine’s sinister laugh at the end of the trailer. And the television series ‘The Mandalorian,’ a space opera web series set in the Star Wars universe, is predicted to be one of the centerpieces of Disney’s new streaming service. But those new projects will require patience. ‘The Mandalorian’ doesn’t air until November, and The Rise of Skywalker debuts on December 20.

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Greetings Earthlings: All systems on halt. The data presented above may one day be zapped to another dimension. Just thought you should be aware. NASA, either it's cold or someone stole the sun.