Scents and Science Mingle in ‘The Joy of Sweat’

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In ‘The Joy of Sweat,’ an entertaining and illuminating guide to the necessity and virtues of perspiration, the science journalist Sarah Everts points out that plenty of people pay good money to exude sweat while also paying good money to hide it. Saunas, spin classes and hot yoga, yes; but also deodorant, dress shields and antiperspirants that deliberately create what Everts calls (vividly and unappetizingly) a ‘sweat-pore plug.’

Then there’s the other kind of sweat, which comes from the larger apocrine glands, located in places like the armpits and the groin. These glands ooze ‘waxy, fatty molecules’ that are especially appealing to bacteria, whose feasting produces a chemical waste. This waste is what stinks. Sensory analysts have identified the component scents in human armpit odor, which include ‘rancid butter’ and ‘wet dog.’

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And here’s another article:

Dazzling claims of the whitening toothpastes

For those in search of a dazzling smile, expensive whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses may seem like money well spent.

* * *

But the results could leave you distinctly down in the mouth, according to a panel of dental experts.

* * *

For despite costing up to five times as much as other pastes and rinses, the panel found little or no evidence to back the products’ claims.

* * *

Instead, the experts were concerned about harsh abrasive ingredients in some cases which may harm tooth enamel and gums.

* * *

Whitening toothpastes have soared in popularity in recent years, fuelled by a growing desire for the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile.

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