She has a large tattoo on her ribcage and is wearing plenty of jewelry, including the same layered

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[ Sasha Obama goes viral as people share image of woman in a crop top claiming it’s her ]

A photo of a young woman who looks like Sasha Obama has gone viral, with several Twitter accounts claiming it is her, but some fans aren’t convinced.’

The image in question shows an unidentified woman striking a pose in a crop top, bikini bottoms, and a sarong. She has a large tattoo on her ribcage and is wearing plenty of jewelry, including the same layered necklaces that Sasha was seen wearing in previous TikTok videos.’

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Date: 2020-12-14T22:24:41+0000
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Obama Says ‘Defund the Police’ Alienates Voters, Black Progressives Disagree

Former President Barack Obama has received some backlash from progressive Democrats for comments shared during a recent interview to promote his new memoir, A Promised Land. A clip of the former president, suggesting that ‘defund the police’ are ‘snappy’ slogans that alienate voters and make it more difficult to enact change, has gone viral.’

‘You [lose] a big audience the minute’ a slogan like ‘defund the police’ is used, making it ‘a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want to done,’ Obama said on Tuesday (Dec. 2) in an interview with Peter Hamby, host of the Snapchat political show ‘Good Luck America.’

Date: 2020-12-02
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Recent media appearances

Here is an incomplete list of some of my recent media appearances. If you are a member of the press and would like to interview me, please get in touch.

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When Is It Ever Okay to Spank Your Kid?

Readers debate the question, prompted by Olga’s interview with parenting expert Alan Kazdin. Join the debate via [email protected].

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I know it’s been a [week] since the last note in your parenting discussion, but I have a three-year-old son, and something he did earlier today made me wonder about how to positively reinforce a particular behavior. I know from first-hand experience that positive reinforcement works. It’s easy enough to apply the technique when he does something I want him to do like letting me change him from his pajamas into clothes in the morning before nursery school without kicking and screaming, but what about when it comes to something I don’t want him to do?

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