Safety panel recommends NASA develops strategy for workforce and infrastructure

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WASHINGTON ‘ As NASA’s management of its human spaceflight programs evolves to incorporate greater roles for companies, the agency needs to take a strategic look at its workforce and infrastructure requirements, a safety panel advised.

At the Feb. 18 meeting of NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP), members reiterated concerns cited in its annual report published last month that NASA needs to more carefully consider its personnel and facilities needs as it adopts a more diverse set of approaches to managing human spaceflight programs.

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In case you are keeping track:

Information on COVID-19 vaccines and vaccinations

The European Commission’s webpage on ‘Safe COVID-19 vaccines for Europeans’ outlines how two billion doses of the vaccine have been secured for the EU, provides information about vaccination and shares advice from experts. In light of the recently approved COVID-19 vaccines, the European Commission has also made available Questions and Answers on COVID-19 vaccination in the EU.

To provide accurate, objective, up-to-date evidence on vaccines and vaccination in general, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission created the ‘European Vaccination Information Portal (EVIP)’ earlier this year. This website outlines the mechanisms in place in the European Union to ensure that available vaccines conform to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. Recently a specific webpage on COVID-19 vaccines was added. The webpage shares information on the activities of the European Commission, COVID-19 vaccines and facts about the pandemic. Concerning the COVID-19 vaccines, details on how they work, are developed and how their safety is monitored are being provided.

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NASA digging into SLS Block 1 revival plans…

NASA has started updating plans and schedules for additional SLS Block 1 launches in the early 2020s after Washington added federal budget money for a second Mobile Launcher (ML) platform and umbilical tower in late March. Construction of a new Mobile Launcher frees the first ML from a three-year long downtime for teardown and reassembly after the first SLS launch of Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1), currently projected for mid-2020. Instead of being retired after one launch, the Block 1 configuration could fly multiple times.

The first two candidates to fly on the second SLS launch are the first crewed Orion on a Lunar swingby flight test or the Europa Clipper interplanetary flagship that will repeatedly overfly Jupiter’s moon exploring for signs of habitability. The space agency formally re-assigned both missions to Block 1 last week and will decide in the future which one gets priority.

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AIP: Final FY21 Appropriations: NASA

Under its fiscal year 2021 appropriation, NASA’s budget is increasing 3% to $23.3 billion, with most of the additional funding allocated to its human exploration directorate. However, the increase falls short of the $25.2 billion the Trump administration had requested to support its goal of landing astronauts on the Moon in 2024.

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The budget for NASA’s science directorate is increasing 1% to $7.22 billion. This figure excludes the $79 million budget of the Biological and Physical Sciences Division, which was’transferred‘to the science directorate from the human exploration directorate last year. All major science missions will have funding needed to move ahead on schedule. In addition, Congress has given the Europa Clipper mission leeway to launch on a rocket other than the in-development Space Launch System, a move that NASA’estimates‘will save more than $1.5 billion.

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UNRIC Info Point & Library Newsletter ‘ Febbraio 2021

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OSHA Issues Advisory Workplace COVID

‘A new “advisory” workplace safety guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is largely consistent with the COVID-19 protocols the’construction industry has long had in place, safety specialists reviewing the document released Jan. 29 say.

The advisory outlines’recommended precautions and policies to protect workers from exposure to COVID-19.’The document applies to construction and all other industries except health care and emergency response. It is not a regulation or mandatory safety standard’something that organized labor has been seeking for months.

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