Sable takes you on a journey into an unknown desert

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Sable takes you on a journey into an unknown desert‘VentureBeat

Sable was one of the more whimsical games that I came across at the recent briefings for the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big game trade show in Los Angeles this week.

This game from publisher’Raw Fury is set in a desert environment, and it is illustrated with a unique, colorful art style that reminds me of a comic book. It was kind of weird, but that’s what I found attractive about it too. It’s about a girl who explores the desert on the open world of an alien planet.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

10 Video Games Currently In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored)

It’s frustrating when a game gets announced and it takes years to release any content, including an official trailer. In the early days of video game development, shorter time frames existed from announcement to release. As technology advances and gamers hungered for more engaging gameplay, video games took longer to create and program, often taking years. At least these days, most games take an average of 2-3 years to make. Sequels less time because those are usually worked on before its predecessors have even been released.

Rumors in the video game industry are like grains of sand in a desert: they’re always there. Clever gamers scour the internet sometimes in search of leaks – official and not-so-official – about their favorite game. A popular method of obtaining information about future content is called data mining. That’s when ‘hackers’ pull programming from a game’s disc that hints at a franchise’s sequels or upcoming in DLCs.

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Despite Stanley Cup defeat, Vegas finishes a winner after miracle season

Alex Ovechkin scored in the Capitals’ 4-3 win over the Vegas Golden Knights, getting the franchise its first Stanley Cup victory.


‘Unbelievable,’ Bellemare said. ‘The only thing I can say is for all the kids who watch hockey, it’s possible.’

Skip back from Ovechkin’s last skate in Vegas to his first time experiencing the dancing showgirls, the luminescent marching band, the Game of Thrones Lite theatrical opening, the fans so relentless with their rooting, and all that bass. So. Much. Bass.

‘It’s like you’re in a nightclub. It’s like a party. Everybody dancing over there,’ Ovechkin said at All-Star weekend. ‘It’s like, ‘Holy Jesus, are we in a hockey game or is this like a pool party out there?’

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