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Russian Satellite Registers Unknown Physical Phenomena In Earths Atmosphere

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GPS glitch could hit power grid and trading systems
(Apr 2019) According to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the upcoming . As other forms of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) – such as Europe’s Galileo and Russia’s GLONASS – use different

Is geospatial intel the new framework for civilization? The NGA’s new director speaks his mind
(Apr 2019) Today, the agency integrates oceanography, satellite imagery, photo analysis, cultural geography, and human intel. “We produce and deliver trusted geospatial intelligence,” Sharp said, and “we do so

Russian satellite spots mysterious ‘light explosions’ in Earth’s atmosphere
(many weeks now)   www.computing.co.ukRussian satellite registers unknown physical phenomena in Earth’s atmosphere  Space DailyWhat HAS Russia spotted in Earth’s atmosphere? Scientists say satellite saw ‘explosions of light’  Daily MailSpace news: Russian satellite finds ‘light explosions’ in Earth’s atmosphere – Daily Star  Daily StarView full coverage on Google News

Limit, Leverage, and Compete: A New Strategy on China
(Apr 2019)   Center For American Progress

The greatest geopolitical challenge in the 21st century will be how the United States—and the rest of the world—responds to the rise of China. China’s gross .

The Trump-Russia Timeline – Just Security
(months ago) The Trump-Russia Timeline  Just Security

Trump’s connections to Russia began more than 35 years ago and didn’t end on Election Day 2016. Attorney Steven J. Harper and the producers at .

Penguin poo provides clues to Antarctica’s health
(months ago)   Astronomy Magazine

Monitoring the well-being of Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem just got a little bit easier thanks to a very unlikely source: penguin poop. By looking at the scat stains .

Pence, Mattis Promote Space Force: The United States Will Not Shrink From This Challenge
(months ago)   RealClearPolitics

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Vice President Mike Pence has announced plans for a new, separate U.S. Space Force as sixth military *service* by 2020 Pence says it’s .

The Music Modernization Act Revamps Music Licensing | The Recorder
(many weeks now)   Law.com

Despite its critical significance many of the Music Modernization Act’s most consequential procedural rules and implementation details are yet to be determined .

Baby, it’s cold outside — but global warming has not taken a Thanksgiving break
(months ago)   Discover Magazine

An Arctic blast may have brought cold Thanksgiving temperatures to parts of the U.S., but the long-term trend of global warming continues.

Artic Meltdown: We’re Already Feeling the Consequences of Thawing Permafrost
(some months now)   Discover Magazine

Permafrost, which covers much of the Northern Hemisphere’s upper latitudes, will trigger a dangerous chain reaction across the entire planet, if it continues to .

‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Actually Begins In Our Brains – D-brief
(since Mar, 2019)   Discover Magazine

Emotional stress can rarely cause hearts to swell. Researchers uncover where the broken heart begins.

Black holes can’t explain dark matter
(months ago)   Astronomy Magazine

A new study shows the universe’s mysterious missing matter can’t be attributed entirely to black holes.

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