Robotic Toolkit Added to NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover

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The bit carousel – a mechanism that will play a key role in the acquisition, containment and eventual return to Earth of humanity’s first samples from another planet – has been incorporated into NASA’s Mars 2020 rover.

“The bit carousel is at the heart of the sampling and caching subsystem,” said Keith Rosette, Mars 2020 sample handling delivery manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “It contains all of the tools the coring drill uses to sample the Martian surface and is the gateway for the samples to move into the rover for assessment and processing.”

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Date: 2019-08-15 12:08:00
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Mars 2020 rover on track for launch next July

The launch of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is less than a year away, and the steady pace of work inside the craft’s pristine assembly hall in California is keeping the mission on schedule for liftoff from Cape Canaveral next July, despite growing costs, according to mission managers.

Based on the Curiosity rover currently exploring Mars, the Mars 2020 rover will weigh more than a ton when it heads for the Red Planet next year. Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will install the final components inside the robot in the next few weeks. Robotic Toolkit Added to NASA's Mars 2020 Rover – NASA’s ... Toolkit Added to NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Cache and Carry: In this August 5, 2019 image, the bit carousel - the heart of sampling and caching subsystem of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission - is attached to the front end of the rover. Once completed, the rover will go through a series of functional and environmental tests to ensure it is ready for Mars.

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NASA Tests Mars 2020 Rover Prototype at Icelandic Lava Field

As NASA prepares for its Mars rover to launch July 2020 and land at the Red Planet to explore Martian geology and collect samples for return to Earth, the space agency’has taken to the lava fields of Iceland to get the unmanned vehicle ready for the job.

Fifteen NASA scientists and engineers descended on the Lambahraun lava field at the foot of Iceland’s second biggest glacier, Langjokull, in July, to test a rover prototype.

Experts say the terrain of the volcanic island Experts say that Iceland is in many ways reminiscent of the surface of Mars. (Photo Credit: Halldor Kolbeins / AFP / Getty Images)

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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover gets ‘eye test’

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Feel the Burn! Watch NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover Do a Bicep Curl (Video)

In a minidisplay of robot Olympian power, NASA’s next Mars rover easily bicep-curled 88 lbs. (40 kilograms) in a California clean room.

A new video shows the Mars 2020 rover flexing its joints as huddling technicians at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) supervise the spacecraft’s every move. The rover was moving around a hefty turret that includes HD cameras, a percussive drill, a coring mechanism and other instruments to examine the composition of Mars rocks.

“This was our first opportunity to watch the arm and turret move in concert with each other, making sure that everything worked as advertised ‘ nothing blocking or otherwise hindering smooth operation of the system,” said Dave Levine, integration engineer for Mars 2020, in a JPL statement.’

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