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‘Guiding Light’ began, in 1937, as a radio show to promote a soap called Duz. (‘Duz does everything.’) When it went off the air, in 2009, it was the longest-running show in broadcast history. It was owned, until the end, not by CBS but by Procter & Gamble, which began as a soap company and has been credited with inventing modern advertising in America. In addition to promoting its brands with paintings on trolley cars and billboards, the company developed more than twenty radio and television dramas. The first, ‘Oxydol’s Own Ma Perkins,’ premi’red in 1933; the last, ‘As The World Turns,’ left the airwaves in 2010, by which time the term ‘soap opera’ had become freestanding. You could even watch them, as I did, without ever knowing they had anything to do with a soap company.

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