Ree Drummond Reveals the Gorgeous Cover of Her New Cookbook (and a Peek of What’s Inside)

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On Tuesday, Drummond, 50, revealed the cover of her new cookbook, The New Frontier, on her Instagram account, featuring an image of her on her Oklahoma ranch holding a platter of grilled meat and veggies.’

‘I actually stepped outside the kitchen for this cover and it was nice to get a little fresh air for a change! ‘ she wrote in the caption of the post. ‘(Also, I wore a top that was definitely NOT loose and flowy, which in my world is the same as ‘skin tight’ so I felt like I was wearing a latex catsuit, but those are my issues to sort out.),’ she joked.

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And here’s another article:

Ree Drummond’s new cookbook features more than 100 recipes

Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman, has a brand-new cookbook coming out just in time for the holidays, ‘The New Frontier.’ The 50-year-old Food Network personality took to Instagram to share a first look at the cover and gorgeous high-quality photos of select finished plates ‘ like oven-fried fish sticks and frosted animal crackers ‘ featured on inside pages.

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