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Record Breaking Ocean Heat Fueled Hurricane Harvey

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Oceans had their hottest year on record in 2018 as global warming accelerates
on 16th of Jan 2019 the warming of the ocean has been inexorable, with virtually every year breaking the heat record set just 12 months earlier. “There’s no sign of any slowdown or pause,” Hausfather said. “The ocean tem

Oceans are warming dramatically faster, new study warns
(Jan 2019) A warmer ocean means stronger hurricanes and heavier flooding events. For example, it’s estimated that rainfall from Hurricane Harvey . the ocean heat content is breaking records every year.”

Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey: Ocean evaporation matched up with massive overland rainfall
(months ago)   Science Daily

Record-hot Gulf of Mexico waters supercharged Hurricane Harvey, fueling it with vast stores of water and setting the stage for devastating flooding after it stalled .

Before Hurricane Harvey, Ocean Heat Was at Record Levels in the Gulf, Feeding Storm’s Record Rain, Study Finds
(months ago)   The Weather Channel

Ocean heat *content* was the highest on record globally before the start of summer 2017. The heat loss in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Harvey matched .

Delightfully Boring – Snow Potential Increases Next Week – A Numbing New Year?
(months ago)   Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mild Trend Continues – Chance of Christmas Coating Commuters and shop owners are relieved. Snow lovers aren’t feeling the love. Bare ground – on Christmas .

Oceans Have Absorbed 60% More Heat Than Scientists Thought
(many weeks now)   EcoWatch

Oceans have warmed 60 percent more than previously thought in the past 25 years, a study published in Nature found. Policy makers now have even less .

Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms — Storms Like Florence
(months ago)   WBUR

Hurricane Florence — large, slow and full of moisture — is threatening to inundate the Southeast. It’s a type of storm that’s getting more likely to form.

Study: Gulf waters warmest on record around Hurricane Harvey landfall
(months ago)   WCTV

The warm Gulf of Mexico waters might have given Hurricane Harvey a boost in strength and climate change may have been a factor, a study released on .

Here’s how climate change is fueling Hurricane Florence
(months ago)   Science News

Even as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, bringing fierce winds and heavy rains, one team of scientists has undertaken a different kind of .

Here’s what’s unusual about Hurricane Michael
(some months now)   Science News

Warm Gulf waters were the engine behind Hurricane Michael’s quick intensification.

Hurricane Michael slams into Florida, then speeds north
(some months now)   Science News for Students

Call Hurricane Michael the October surprise. This fast-moving cyclone strengthened unusually quickly — in less than two days. Then, it slammed into the Florida .

‘Loading the dice’: Climate change could make hurricanes more devastating, scientists say
(months ago)   Dallas News

Editor’s note: This story was originally published on Aug. 24, 2018 — a year after Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast. Rain was falling when climate scientist .

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