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[ Rare shiny clouds spotted on Mars and more top science stories this week ]

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Rare shiny clouds spotted on Mars and more top science stories this week

Think of what you notice on Earth each day: the shapes of clouds, how hot the sun feels on your skin, the colors of the sky when the sun sets.

Now imagine standing on the surface of Mars. When the Curiosity rover looked up recently, it captured images of clouds. The formations are rare there, but they aren’t unheard of.

Observing Martian clouds can tell us more about the processes unfolding each day on the red planet ‘ both Earth-like and yet unknown. It’s like finding out you have something in common with another person and suddenly, you understand them a little bit more.

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NASA Curiosity Rover Captures Rare Shiny Clouds In Mars Atmosphere

NASA’s Curiosity rover might not be as state-of-the-art in technology as the recently-deployed Perseverance is, but it continues to make mind-blowing discoveries even today. And recently, the rover captured a rare signing in the Martian atmosphere — clouds.’

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NASA recently shared images of clouds shining that appeared over the Curiosity site. Surprisingly, it has been appearing since January this year. While on Earth, we’re used to seeing the clouds in the sky, but what you’re failing to remember is that Mars, unlike Earth, doesn’t have that dense of an atmosphere.’

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“Wispy puffs filled with ice crystals”: NASA’s Curiosity rover captures cloudy day on Mars

Why it matters: By studying these Martian clouds from the ground, scientists hope to learn more about how Mars’ thin atmosphere works and how it differs from Earth’s.

What they found: This year, NASA commanded Curiosity to keep an eye out for early clouds forming in the planet’s atmosphere after spotting them earlier than expected on Mars two Earth years ago.

When Curiosity did spot early-forming clouds in late January 2021, researchers noticed they were much higher in the atmosphere than typical clouds the rover has seen in the past.

As researchers continued to study them, they realized the high altitude clouds were made of frozen carbon dioxide, or dry ice, not water ice, which composes the clouds seen by Curiosity at about 37 miles above the surface.

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Mars: Nasa find shining clouds on the Red Planet

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