Random Island UFO. A strange object seen in the skies near Clarenville in 1978 might not be any closer to being

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[ Random Island UFO sighting immortalized on coin (plus it glows) ]

A strange object seen in the skies near Clarenville in 1978 might’not be any’closer to being explained, but its eeriness is now’immortalized in a glowing coin’from’the Royal Canadian Mint.

Just five days before Halloween in that year, people spotted a brightly lit object in the sky near Random Island. They called police, and the Clarenville RCMP’constable who responded remained at a loss along with the onlookers, as the oval shape hovered for about an hour before vanishing.

The encounter has remained a mystery in the decades since and almost’forgotten,’until the mint called on Fogo Island artist Adam Young to help create a coin in its honour’as part of a collectible series of unexplained Canadian phenomena.

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