Purdue, NASA team up to help humans live on Mars and the moon

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Mars may seem like a dusty wasteland, but it’s full of surprises. From chasms to impact craters, the Red Planet has a lot going on in recently captured images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Buzz60

For generations, Purdue University has established itself as an institution famous for sending people to explore the stars.

Now, thanks to a new $15 million NASA initiative, Boilermakers will be working on new ways to help future generations live like Will Robinson.

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While you’re here, how about this:

NASA enlists academia to develop autonomous space habitats

As NASA faces pressure to get astronauts to the Moon and considers human exploration of Mars, it will need to sort out a few major details — like how to keep extraterrestrial habitats functioning even when there aren’t any human occupants. To do this, NASA selected two new, university-led Space Technology Research Institutes (STRIs) and tasked them with developing automated Smart Habitats, or SmartHabs.

One, the Habitats Optimized for Missions of Exploration (HOME), will develop autonomous systems, machine learning, robotic maintenance and onboard manufacturing for autonomous and self-maintained smart habitats. The HOME team includes researchers from the University of California, Davis; University of Colorado Boulder, Carnegie Mellon University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Howard University, Texas A&M University and the University of Southern California — as well as Sierra Nevada Corporation, Blue Origin and United Technology Aerospace Systems.

UTSA tapped by NASA to help build homes on the moon and Mars

(April 10, 2019) — UTSA has been tapped by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to join a team that will build homes for human habitation on the moon and Mars.’ As exploration missions beyond Earth become more ambitious, NASA must consider new technologies to keep habitats operational when they are not occupied by astronauts.

To help achieve this, NASA has selected UTSA to be part of its Space Technology Research Institutes (STRIs) to advance space smart habitat designs, or SmartHab. This research will complement other NASA projects to help mature the mission architecture needed to meet challenging exploration goals.

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This was the breakthrough nobody saw coming at Purdue, which rebuilt into an Elite Eight team that beat Tennessee 99-94 in overtime in the Sweet 16.

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LOUISVILLE ‘ This was the game Carsen Edwards couldn’t do the heaviest lifting. He did what he does Thursday night in the Sweet 16 against Tennessee, take a lot of shots and score a lot of points and even lead Purdue in scoring with 29 points, but after an immortal 42-point outing in his previous game, Edwards on this night was human. In the final minutes of the second half the Boilermakers needed someone else to carry them. And there he was: Ryan Cline.

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Virginia Dodged Demons, Bullets, and Tortillas on the Road to Redemption

MINNEAPOLIS ‘ Virginia refused to fold. Not after the worst loss in college basketball history bounced them from last year’s NCAA Tournament and launched them into infamy. Not this year, down 14 to another plucky 16-seed in Gardner-Webb. Not against Oregon in a rock fight. Not against Purdue, which led with 0.0 on the clock. Not against Auburn, when the game was over before it wasn’t. And not against Texas Tech, a basketball team from a snuff film seemingly more interested in stealing your soul than focusing on the scoreboard.

The Cavaliers completed the road to redemption with an 85-77 overtime victory over Texas Tech to win a national championship.

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