Proof of alien WARRIORS on Mars? Strange rock on the Red Planet looks just like a statue’s head

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Mars has a desolate, rocky surface – which continues to throw up intriguing mysteries. The latest of which is a strange-looking boulder that some conspiracy theorists believe could be the head of a warrior statue.

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It was spotted by space video journalist Joe White amidst the pictures taken by the Curiosity rover – NASA’s autonomous exploration vehicle that’s currently on Mars.

Mr White uploaded the image to his YouTube channel , which is dedicated to spotting strange and unexplained things among the Martian rubble.

“I found what seems to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this recent Curiosity Rover image from NASA,” White wrote in the video’s caption.

“Only a few inches in size or less. It resembles a carved depiction of a female warrior wearing a helmet similar to some found on Earth.”


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New tool can identify eye, hair and skin colour from a single DNA sample, and could revolutionise forensics

The tool, which was developed by researchers from Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, can accurately predict eye, hair and skin colour from a small DNA sample

Scientists have developed a new tool that could help forensic teams to identify people from single DNA samples.


Dr Susan Walsh, who co-directed the study, said: ‘We have previously provided law enforcement and anthropologists with DNA tools for eye colour and for combined eye and hair colour, but skin colour has been more difficult.


Alien hunters think they found a ‘Warrior Woman’ statue on Mars

The first sighting of this so-called statue seems to have come from a YouTuber who specializes in finding strange shapes in the many videos and images of the Martian landscape that scientists release to the general public. In this particular photo, a seemingly normal rock is said to actually be the remains of an ancient stone statue that “proves” that mankind actually originated on the Red Planet. Oh boy!


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Aliens On Mars ‘ An Ancient Egyptian Statue Was Revealed By NASA Curiosity Rover

A piece of rock was photographed by Curiosity Rover. The pic is absolutely stunning as it’s pretty much resembling an Ancient Egyptian statue of a warrior woman. Of course, many people started to think that this one is the irrefutable proof that there might have indeed existed aliens on Mars.

The discovery has been done by Joe White, a video journalist, while he was watching the recent Curiosity Rover’s photographies released by NASA. He was quite shocked to observe a sort of a rock that was looking very similar to the Ancient Egyptian representations of warriors. Joe White went even further and said that he is pretty sure the strange-looking rock is, in reality, a deteriorated statue depicting a woman looking very similar to some depictions of the Ancient warrior women found in Egypt.

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